Hello, I talked with a girl I like very often recently. She was preparing for an exam recently. Today, I chatted with her. She asked me why I chat with her every day. If I can’t pass the exam, I’ll blame you. I didn’t know what to do at the moment. I didn’t talk. If I hadn’t, I’d be guilty. She said again, why not talk without talking? Later I talked to her for a few words, and she said she wanted to review. I’m still worried, if she really didn’t do well in the exam, it won’t really blame me on my head, I chase her will not play?



Actually, as you can see from your message, she does not really hate you.
Because you talk to her every day, she said you did not let you do not disturb her, on the contrary, you said no, she blamed you.

If she really bothered you, she would have been too lazy to talk to you.
But even though she is preparing for the exam, she still takes time to talk with you to show that she is not complaining at all, but spoiled.
This shows that your relationship is progressing well.
Words can deceive people, but body movements and facial expressions are not deceptive.
You can’t judge the meaning of a woman literally. It’s hard to judge a woman’s words literally.
So if you want to judge a woman’s real meaning, you can’t see what she says, but see how she does it.
You need to judge her emotions, attitudes and actions through her initiative to interact with her.
Every day you talk, she also has no big complaints, that she feel good about you, and may even review tired, and you chat a few words, more relaxed mood, can better review.
But when you chat with her, you should also pay attention to the length and frequency of the chat, so as not to affect her review, but also to keep her expectations. She responds positively and quickly, and you can use the frequency to stop chatting if she’s busy or slow.

It’s like when you’re eating a delicious meal, you’re seven points full, and you’re sure you want to eat it when you’re full, even if it’s all delicious food in front of you, you don’t feel too much.
In short, don’t be so ups and downs, usually pay more attention to her enthusiasm and attitude, rather than over-interpretation of her literal meaning.



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