Hello, teacher. I am a school boy. I am one grade higher than my girl. These days, the national day can not be arranged for her. Only Facebook can talk to her. She said their family is quite hot now, just like swimming. She picked out two swimsuits online, sent me pictures and asked me which one looked good. I said I liked the light blue one, and she said you liked it. I’ll wear it for you. Ha-ha. I said, no, it’s too small for me to wear. I’m a straight steel man. Teacher, you help me analyze, what kind of psychology is she to me? How should I catch up?


Obviously, she is flirting with you.
If you are more serious and honest, it is no problem to reply to her.
Because if you suddenly become a little girl, she doesn’t think she’s used to you. It’s not true.
But I suggest you make a little more changes in the future and adjust your image slowly. It’s too formal, boring, and easy to get stuck.
Being in love is not a matter of learning and researching. Love itself is a wonderful thing. Only when two people have fun together can they go on well.
You can flirt with her if you don’t always look like a good gentleman and occasionally joke about it.
For example, you can say to her, “well, I was broken by one metre or eight, regardless of the amount.”
Then your relationship will get better.
In fact, the idea is ver y simple, she uses the topic of “swimsuit” to make you spring, you can also use the topic of “swimsuit” to give her a sense of shame.
Or you can say:
“You put it on first, let me see the effect”.
Since she is joking, she knows you are joking, and with a hint of shame.
If she says you are a hooligan, she is disgusted with you. That means she eats you like this and likes to flirt with you like this.
Even if she doesn’t respond to you like this, she can feel the ambiguity of being flirted by you, planting the seeds of ambiguity in her heart.
This is what I often tell my partners to provide emotional value. You can drive the mood of a girl, give her emotions, such as anger, sadness, joy, sadness, joy and sadness, so that she can like you.
If two people have been very respectful in their conversation, they will have a sense of distance. Occasionally, it can quickly narrow the distance between each other.
Actually, it’s very simple, isn’t it?
If you have such a chance, don’t miss it. Don’t be a straight man.


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