In the event of web design, the big trend always works on a long time scale, like the minimalist design style, and there seems to be no other design trend or style that can be replaced completely. In the large design style system of minimalism, designers can often add some personal ideas and unique elements to create an unforgettable experience, and this makes every month’s designer collection website recommended, each time can take the new things to learn from the transferor.

Bruno Ferdinand

Bruno Ferdinand is a stylist with great skill in font design, and his collection of works not only reflects his unique ideas on typography, but also shows his tendency to be in the fashion of obsessive compulsion. The design of the website is simple, beautiful and unforgettable.



In fact, the name of Yumpic should have reflected the property of this website: it is specially used to share pictures and videos of gourmet foods. For users who want to create a perfect Instagram account, food bloggers and food related practitioners, the content provided by this blog is very good. The website maintains a simple style while ingeniously interspersing personalized elements and pictures to create a relatively unique experience.


Duane Dalton

The collection of Duane Dalton obviously highlights his work attributes, and as a graphic designer, his works are simple and unified, and there is a sense of improvement in aesthetic sense.


Kenta Toshikura

The web site of Kenta Toshikura is the most typical minimalist design style. The web site is clearly demonstrated in function, and there are no unique skills in visual design and typesetting, but the effect of 3D is interesting.


Ellen Mandemaker

To be honest, when I open the website of Ellen Mandemaker, I will not understand the function of the website for a while. But according to my experience, the content of the website is closer to the artistic expression than the design work. As a static website, the website is still very organized on the display of different works of art. More importantly, the style is very pleasing and can not help people to continue to browse.


No Plans

No Plans is a single page collection website. Clean design and rigorous presentation make the content feel quite good. What’s interesting is that in the text typesetting, No Plans also adopted a relatively rare first line indentation.



The entire design of the Lab 101 site is quite simple and modern, and most of the designs in the website are more robust, and the interesting thing is that after you enter, the mouse cursor will change, and the “contact” page contains some interesting 3D animations.


Studio Bjørk

Studio Bj rk whole site is a simple black and white double color, except for color pictures. The horizontal rolling layout is a relatively unconventional design, but the rolling browsing experience is unexpectedly smooth and unpredictable. At the same time, it also has quite good motion.


Juul Hondius

Many designers refer to the magazine typesetting when designing a collection of websites, and the Juul Hondius is like a slightly old magazine layout, close word spacing and beautiful photography, the overall atmosphere is rather nostalgic, but the information is very accurate and centralized.


Thu-Van Tran

The web site design of Thu-Van Tran has some wild style, and the website provides a clear layer of vision, and the relationship between the upper and lower layers is very clearly visually. The designer makes it stand out with simple layout and interesting typesetting.


Aristide Benoist

Aristide Benoist combines the grid with the subtle delay effect, and under the color of black and white red, the site presents a distinctive visual aesthetic, and a smooth browsing experience.



Datagif is no doubt very fond of non – serif fonts, and the site is integrated with geometric elements in a relatively standard layout, both in vision and in personality.



Handsome’s website style is like the kind that was popular 5 years ago, the serif’s obvious fonts, the dark picture background, and the almost invisible decorative thread, with the nostalgic texture itself, the graphic design is very strong.



Sister is a very typical website for design institutions. The design style of the website is not only very simple, but also used in the asymmetrical layout. The overall feeling is very modern, simple, but impressive.


Makers and Allies

Makers and Allies is a rather traditional brand design studio. After the dynamic effect is added, the simple aesthetic features of the whole website and modern technology have reached the right balance. It would be better if the website could be more significant in contrast.


Bipolar Studio

Bipolar Studio integrates the popular dynamic design, Modernist Aesthetics and classic fonts into their own website design. Most of their works are video, which makes video the most important element in the whole design. At the end of each project, there are statistical data for the completion time of the project. This data is of great reference value.


Akins Parker

Akins Parker’s Web site feels like using PowerPoint, and a lot of pictures are basically displayed, and they don’t have obvious functionality in themselves.


Ian Jones

Ian Jones’s collection web site is designed with grid system, but it is not visually visible. The website is not only modern in style, but also gives people a sense of coldness and is very tonal.


Michael Uloth

Michael Uloth is really an expensive and versatile person. When he is not busy with the opera, he will design a website with artistic temperament, and his own collection site is very simple and beautiful.


Lasse Fløde

Lasse Fl De is a photography studio, whose work is concentrated on this single page blog, with a large number of blanks lined with the wrong photography, and the collage layout is very personal.



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