David will soon be 28, and will soon be upgraded to an entry-level uncle, although many female fans comfort me, uncle is also loved.
However, old age, easy to get out of touch with society, recently always see “ten moves refuse”, actually do not know what it means.
Hei hei, fortunately, there is a degree mother, finally know this “ten moves but refuse” is what things.
On October 24, 2015, Baidu programmers used a building lamp to assemble the words “I love u Beibei”, to the goddess Beibei confession, a lot of thought, spent a lot of electricity, got a lot of people around, and even on the headlines of mobile Baidu.
The boy’s idea to express his love for the goddess, can be said to be very romantic, and combined with their own technology, many netizens have asked our pig foot how to achieve, however, was completely rejected by the goddess.

Programmer Peter appeared to know that not only did he answer the questions of netizens in detail, but he also bought, sent and released a major message:
This crazy programmer again! Yes! Direction! Shellfish! Shellfish! Watch! White! Now!
And he did! Machine! 100! Degree! Double! Ten! One! Head! Bar!
It is reported that Peter, relying on his years of Baidu programmer qualifications, has repeatedly applied to the company for love advertising resources: “Give me a resource, I do not want overtime pay”, “Give me a resource, please eat the whole team”, “Give me a resource, I have more than 30″… After talking for a long time, the boss finally raised his hand to surrender.
Little does one think
My God?
Peter double eleven!
It’s up!
Baidu mobile!
Crazy programmers, in the crazy double eleven, in front of hundreds of millions of users across the country, to the goddess of confession, can be called the history of the largest crowd to watch the confession action! But…
The ending is really regrettable. Therefore, it is praised as a more tragic ending than the “ten-action rejection” (very touched, and then refused), and extends to such words as “irresistible rejection”, Water-Splashing rejection and so on.
The fact tells us that we must make sure that the other party will accept you.
“Ten moves but refuse” is nothing more than a violent version of confession of death, if girls do not like you, you do so grand, girls will be very touched by the pressure, even angry, natural tragedy will occur.
So… Do girls like this “romantic” way?
It depends on the stage of the relationship between the man and the woman. If it is already a romantic relationship, it is very good to have a little romance occasionally.
Look at how I studied romantic children’s shoes when I was in college.
At 22:00 on May 22, 2007, Xiao Wei (not her real name) became the happiest girl in the Grade 05 of the Law School of CUHK. With the boys counting down “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” in unison, the lights of the dormitory building 2 of the boys’dormitory in Zhongshan University Town Campus turned on and the words “I_U” came into being.

Xiao Wei’s boyfriend, Xiao Bao (not her real name), a grade 04 student majoring in statistics at the School of Mathematics and Computational Sciences of CUHK, sent roses and they kissed each other sweetly.
To carry out the project, Xiao Bao persuaded more than 500 boys in the building to distribute milk and candy to each dormitory, including balloons, chartered cars, flowers and other expenses, at least 2,000 yuan. (David doesn’t recommend this luxurious method. He has the money to donate to the kids in the mountains, but it works well.)
Well, in order not to be “ten move and refuse”, do not mess around before deciding the relationship.
However, today’s topic is not to teach brothers how to romance, but to explore a problem.
Is it true that if you have the sincerity, you will be able to pursue your favorite girl?
First of all, I think that girls must be sincere. Every girl, in fact, is very kind-hearted, must use their true heart to love the people they like, this is called love.
But… Love is a matter of two people, not you have a sincere on the line, you must let each other like you, that is, attract, this is possible to come together.

In my opinion, pursuing a girl requires not only good mentality but also sincerity.
What is sincerity?
For example:
I want to ask a girl who has just met to play alone.
She: can I call a girl friend together?
I: No, I just want to be with you.
I never hide my feelings, I can not accept it, I will express it, not compromise. Either I have a date with me or I find another program. How about the failure of the invitation?
In pursuit of a girl, I will stick to my own “framework”, in fact, beautiful girls prefer this kind of boy. Compared with the eager, thirsty, obedient, successive rubbing males, the monkeys were more likely to arouse her emotions and turn on her attraction switch. If there is no idea, even when we are in love, we will face the crisis of breaking up.
A good attitude is that you like her, but you can have no sense of need, that is, without her, life can be very good.
Why are there “goddesses”?
Because you are chasing her, she has the lead, so she is the goddess. I like a girl, but when I face her, I don’t get into a big mess, I tell her what I really think, and the goddess becomes a human being.
Without a sense of need, I am not afraid to chat with her will be cold, cold, how, silence is a wonderful moment, walk together, nothing to say, is also very good.
Without a sense of need, I’m not afraid of failing an invitation to date. If I can’t date, I’ll play with other friends. Maybe I’ll have a new love affair.
Without a sense of need, I don’t have to think about texting and calling her every day, and I don’t have to be afraid of becoming a satellite.
Without a sense of need, I was not afraid to make her angry. Instead, she trusted me more because I was sincere with her.
This is a gesture that allows girls to be surprised, upset, angry, jealous and obsessed with attraction. When she is completely conquered by me, I can naturally hold hands with her, hug, kiss, let her be loved by her, because this is a natural occurrence, because I am sincere and sincere.
Look at the performance of rubbing men, information phone bombing, QQ on the line immediately sent messages to the past, a variety of courteous gifts, help to please, obedient, even worse, beautiful women do not lack such a suitor, beautiful women if they want to use him, smile at him, you can let rubbing men fantasy for several days, to meet the requirements of beautiful women.

Of course, I do not deny that rubbing a man also has sincerity, but beauty can see rubbing a man’s sense of need at a glance, if only by sincerity, can win the heart, the world’s beauty has long been not enough.
Sincerity is very important, but it is not a scarce thing, people can not do without air, most of the time, the air is worthless, a lot of rubbing men’s status, even worse than air, because the air does not have to hide, goddess will try to avoid rubbing men.
For example:
Beauty QQ on-line, rub men send information: right? What are you doing? / still asleep?
The beauty is annoyed, lightly “ha ha”, then set to its stealth, heavy then directly pull black.
Therefore, if you want to get the goddess’s heart, you should not treat her as a goddess, not only with sincerity, but also with attraction.


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