Often see a lot of brothers complain: sister is too cold, sister is not too active, sister is not interested in me..?
Brother, don’t worry when you encounter this situation. First relax your mind.
The girl is in Tucao, she is very ambiguous with a boy, how does she complain that the boy doesn’t initiate to contact her?
Is it very silent?

Even if the sister likes a boy, it’s hard to feel ashamed to contact each other, but want the boy to be more active.
She would think, why did the boy not have a bit of eye power to find out the right time to tell me? If she did, she would agree.
Is there any contradiction?
Boys always want girls to give a definite response before daring to push the relationship forward, but girls are always reserved, not move.
Such a stalemate must be borne by boys to break through this relationship.
Otherwise, it will be in the ambiguous period of consumption too long, it is easy to let girls lose patience, and thus into the friendship zone.
Entering the friendship zone will be in a dilemma.

What’s the psychological state of a woman? Why doesn’t a sister want to contact a boy, even if she likes him?
Women are born to be a game master. What men fear most is that they are afraid of the indifference of the women they like.
Once you see your beloved woman being unreasonable, a man will not be able to eat or drink.
The more it is, the more women hold the lead.
Therefore, the indifference of women is a magic weapon to control men’s psychology, in order to adhere to the dominant power, women will not easily take the initiative, an initiative, her advantage will be weakened.
In addition, under the influence of Chinese traditional culture, most women in the process of heterosexual contact with uncertain relationships will be more reserved, will not take the initiative (except for example) to contact each other, because this gives others the feeling that it is easy to get, low value.

Is there any way to make the woman you like to take the initiative?

1, manufacturing steps

Give the woman a step to make her initiative reasonable and not embarrassed.
You can do one thing with her because it’s natural to keep in touch with each other, whether you or she, and it doesn’t seem too deliberate.
For example:
To accomplish a certain person at work, you can use your network or your knowledge to provide her with information that will enhance the connection no matter who you contact.
In addition to completing a task together, you can also play a game, read a book, chase the same play, like the same star, the same variety show, and talk about it when you talk.

2, using the effect of the Chi cone

The Chickney effect is simply the ability to forget what has been accomplished and what has been accomplished, but to remember what has been interrupted, unfinished, and not achieved.
There is a passage:
Many boys chat up a beautiful girl in the street, and the girls ignore it.
One of the boys said, “you are one of the prettiest two girls in the school.
At this time, the girls will be curious. Who else is going to be named after her?
When the girl asked, the boy just did not give the answer, just give a hint, such as a hint that the other is a certain college, the girl is anxious, more and more serious pressing.
The boy said, “you are so fierce. I don’t like to chat with such a fierce child’s shoes. Bye bye.

The less boys say, the more girls want to know.
This is the application of psychology, and without telling her the answer completely, she might be thinking more about you.
In the membership course, I talked about a technique called open trap. There are many forms of open trap. Members can review the course.

The most common open trap is not to finish talking, then suddenly terminate.

Then we’ll have to be beaten.

Let a woman like you, the first step is to let her keep thinking of you.
Do you recall that when you like a person, do you think of her all the time?
Men are so, women are more so, and women are more emotional, and the plot of brain supplement is more abundant.


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