My colleague introduced me to a girl who met two times and two times simply, eating, eating and watching a movie. I felt like she was a bit introverted. I talked a lot about her dates, and she followed me in everything she did and chatted with. Normally, she would not ask me the situation, most of the time I asked her, and then she answered, that’s all. The feeling for me is that I don’t want to take the initiative to understand me.
She didn’t contact me on her own initiative, but when I sent her a message, she would reply. If it was late, she would explain why. I don’t know if she was polite or what. I don’t know if she is so interested in me. How can I keep chasing her?


Because men and women think differently, men and women are different in their understanding.
Men understand the initiative, such as initiative to chat with you, ask you, want to be good to you, this is the initiative in the eyes of men. It is obvious initiative.
The initiative of women’s understanding is relatively restrained, mostly manifested in hints and obedience.
For example, if you talk to her, she will respond positively, you ask her, she will gladly keep the appointment. But girls like you, she will not necessarily take the initiative to chat with you.
This is the initiative of a woman, which needs to be judged by her attitude and emotions.


Besides, if she doesn’t ask you about it, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to know it. Maybe her colleagues have already told her about it. Maybe she has leaped through all your circles of friends. She knows almost everything.
Your colleague as an intermediary can help you find out what she means and definitely help you.
Next, you need to give her more opportunities to know you. She’s introverted and talks less together. It’s okay if you take the initiative, offer the topic and lead her to share it.
The most appropriate way is through the usual solitude and dating, let her through your every move, the way people live, slowly observe your character,                                                                         your personality.
For introverted girls, do not be too anxious too direct, to do is to take the initiative to lead and guide her.
Many introverts are just more introverted in front of unfamiliar people. If they are mixed up, they will not be so restrained. Maybe you will be very active when you get familiar with it.

You can take her to play and create emotional value for her. By humor, pushing and pulling, sharing stories, making her happy, happy, exciting, even occasionally telling you some of your unpleasant experiences, let her have a variety of emotional changes to you, let her slowly generate emotional thoughts for you, so she will slowly sink into, difficult to extricate from like you.

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