Through the first two articles ” ui design newcomers how to receive private documents? Come and see the experience of the master! “,” ui designer after receiving the private list, how to quote? Here is the latest quotation technique! ” knowing how to find a private order and quotation, next step, make money by taking private bills will be at the stage of our execution, that is, how to finish and deliver it well and serve customers reasonably.

As for make money by taking private bills, in fact, I could talk about a lot of expensive business during my college days, but I couldn’t do it well. most of them collapsed because they didn’t perform well. this was closely related to the shortage of youthful experience at that time.

Looking back after many years of project experience, it is clear where the problem lies. today I want to solve the same problem again. it is definitely far more efficient and skilled than before. Therefore, I will share the reasons for my mistakes in the past and the solutions I have given for your reference.

First, make money by taking private bills needs to know themselves

Before the start of the implementation phase, everyone should keep in mind – do what you can!
In the past, the most problematic thing about me was that I overestimated my efficiency and ability too much. I always thought that next on the list, I could learn now where I wouldn’t, and I could work overtime to catch up with the progress. I often think that I am a koi from yue Longmen, but in fact it is only a salted fish.

However, in actual work, you will begin to encounter the following problems:
lack of ability
Lack of energy
Lack of self – control

1. insufficient capacity

Sometimes customers are willing to spend money, but the required quality cannot be achieved. the design capability needs to be accumulated, and there will not be a substantial increase because of my temporary surprise study. There is also the fact that although the list is discussed later, the business to be done is completely not good at itself. for example, I am only good at making ui, and then I have to make a large list of VI. that is by no means what I can do by relying on simple learning.

2. lack of energy

No matter whether it is daytime work, recent family emergencies or any other problems, it will seriously take up our energy. if the energy allocation is insufficient, we will certainly be very slow in handling the project. We always overestimate our scope of energy and arbitrarily set the deadline for the project. in the end, we simply cannot keep up with it.

3. lack of self – control

Self – control and energy are closely related, and lack of energy cannot guarantee self – control. But even if you are full of energy, you cannot guarantee that you have sufficient self – control. Self-control is divided into people. if you are not such a self-control off the charts or have systematically exercised self – control, then the actual execution speed will be far lower than you expected. the actual working hours per day may be only half or even less than your own estimation. This is also the biggest challenge for independent designers.
Overconfidence is the biggest obstacle when we are outsourcing. it will be too late to discover these problems until the project is half done! We should think about the above problems at the beginning, make the worst prediction, and then make appropriate preparations in the early stage.

Second, make money by taking private bills requires subcontracting and team work

When evaluating the workload of the project and the above problems, you should have a judgment as to whether you want to make this list very difficult or not at all unsure.
If you get this conclusion, you must start to contact the better designers you think are competent, subcontract the business to them and do it yourself as middlemen. If the project still includes program development, then you must also find the corresponding engineers instead of always thinking about what you can learn. this money does not need to be earned by others.

In the past, I have been holding this kind of mentality all the time. all kinds of design types carried out temporary attacks on Buddha’s feet. when doing websites, I studied open source programs and template modifications myself. Although all aspects of ability have been well improved, but the final list is flying, not only did not earn money, but also wasted a lot of time and energy, a typical draw water from a basket.

The next step you can do as much as you can is to remember that you can earn the part within your ability and give the rest to others. Especially for projects involving division of labor, the result of 1 + 1 is more than 2. I am distracted by design and development, and the speed of turtle crawling code, so the workload of a week’s code is less than that of a professional development one night operation. you can check the cost yourself.

When we have very reliable partners, whether designers or programmers, these are valuable resources on the outsourcing road, and they will greatly expand our business endurance. After everyone carries out their duties and gets used to cooperating with each other, the efficiency can go to a higher level.

Iii. project management of make money by taking private bills

Once the candidate for a good job has been identified, more detailed arrangements will be made for the project. It is recommended to use professional project management software for management, such as te atmosphere or work tile, whether it is your own work or that of the team.

This is a relatively large topic. to make a long story short, it is necessary to divide the work tasks into different types and modules and formulate relevant time nodes.

We should follow the principle of universality and run in small steps. instead of setting out tasks with very long time span, we should try our best to split a task into smaller particles and communicate with customers immediately and get feedback.

For example, if our outsourcing is from designing to developing a 50 – page app, the prototype and requirements already exist, then the tasks can be formulated in the following way ( do it casually, see what you mean ).

More detailed tasks can also be formulated under each task module. If you are sure of our design style with your customer, which interface and set of styles can you do first.


Separating all the tasks of the whole project not only allows us to estimate the progress of the project, but also gives us an intuitive grasp of the overall situation. They can also let the members of the collaboration understand each other’s progress and better arrange their own work order.

Iv. project communication among make money by taking private bills

Finally, it is the communication of the execution process! Whether it is only a single project that is designed or a complete project that includes development, the span is often relatively long and may take several weeks to several months.

As time goes by, we will learn to look at the problem from party a’s standpoint again. they want to know the progress of the project and the quality of the completion in time. It’s the same mentality as we do when shopping online and ordering takeout, and keep watching the current delivery schedule. Now that the customer has paid, they want to know whether the money is worth it. normal people will not have the patience to wait until you have finished it all and then give him a big sup. moreover, there is a big possibility that it will deviate from expectations.

Therefore, frequent communication with customers is very necessary. When we split the task into different modules, we will be given a reasonable opportunity to communicate with our customers. Whenever a module is completed, we will report it to our customers and deliver the results of the demonstration ( for example, jpg exported from the previous part of the design ) to them for verification. Not only can the problem be found in time, but also the other party can recognize our professional degree in service, which can reduce many unnecessary disputes.

It should also be understood that there are many places that customers may not have thought of or understood clearly when they begin to formulate their needs. it is often only when they see the complete results that they suddenly realize. then naturally, they will make improvements to their needs. what they need to prevent from frequent communication is this problem.

If we keep interacting with our customers, we can get the signal that he wants to change at the first time. First, you can try to convince him, what is the irrationality of the changes, what is the impact on the project, and strangle these ideas in the cradle. Even if you have to change it, you can also keep the loss range to a minimum, because you haven’t started to do the following content.

It is more necessary to develop the habit of regular reporting and communication with customers at high frequency. designers who are only immersed in hard work cannot survive in the outsourcing market!

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