July is not only the highest temperature season, but also the highest month for designing and developing materials. Many well-known developers and organizations have recently introduced excellent tools and materials.

In today’s dry goods collection, you’ll see the Sketch library from the WordPress community, new tools based on React.js and Vue.js, and some good things that can help you improve your development skills.


This is a new WordPress theme – making package created by Morten Rand-Hendriksen, which can be linked to modern development tools, such as Gulp, Babel, ESLint, and Visual Studio Code, to help you create excellent WP topics.



This is a Vue.js based framework for building cross platform mobile applications. You can use Vue.js to standardize code writing.



10up has just released SketchPress, a template that can be used in Sketch to quickly design WordPress themes. It contains commonly used UI controls, such as buttons, menu bars, and so on.



Docz is a MDX based document generator that allows you to add JSX custom functions like JSX documents and mix with Markdown syntax.



CSS dynamic efficiency makes web pages more alive, but considering the scope of animations and compatibility with browsers, it is not so easy to write CSS dynamic effects, and Animista can make this process more convenient, it provides a friendly interface, after generating code, direct use can.



This is a series of practical examples of using the CSS grid to build Web layout, in which Flexbox is used as a backup solution to respond to poor compatibility browsers.



This is a good tool to generate a custom scale CSS framework. It can generate SCSS format code, easy to copy and use.


How to GraphQL

GraphQL is an alternative to REST data structure, while How to GraphQL is its related learning resources.


Sample History

This is a simple WordPress plug-in. It can display the completed activity history in the instrument panel. It can record WordPress local activities, track other plug-ins, and even support advanced custom fields and user switching.



Sharing files through Shell is a very convenient thing, and Transfer.sh can help you do it, it supports almost any format file, and supports file encryption, up to 10GB.


FB Sonar

This is a mobile end application debugging tool for the iOS and Android platforms, which includes some common debugging components, including log viewer, interactive layout checker and network debugging tools.



This APP includes a range of tools to help you organize your projects better. You can create a group and use some popular tools (such as React, Vue, and Angular) to produce new projects, install project dependencies, run Node.JS servers, and so on. This is a great application for developers who need more than ten projects at the same time.



This is a PHP unit test program that provides a series of tools for WordPress, which provides tools to simulate PHP functions, and a series of tools that can be used by the hands to help you handle WordPress functions, such as add_action remove_action, to help you fix these parts that are usually difficult to test.



Fractal is a central document tool that can be used to manage documents when developers in a team need to integrate components into the project. It can also easily integrate code fragments to display preview, information and annotation of each component.


Ant Design Pro

AntDesign is a popular UI framework based on React.js, while Ant Design Pro is a Pro version for enterprise applications. It includes several components that are not owned by AntDesign, such as AvatarList, HeaderSearch, etc. The framework is also built with development tools, building tools, testing and deploying components.



This is a super small JavaScript library, which is used to highlight text on a web site. It can collaborate seamlessly with complex DOM structures, programmable, and set speed, style, and animation.



This is a very convenient NPM package to help you build interactive CLI using Node.JS, which supports basic hints, multiple choices, and different types of entry, including passwords, text, numbers, and e-mail.



Perception is a cool WordPress plug-in that can be used to classify images by using Google Cloud Vision API to improve the search for WordPress media libraries.



This is a series of videos from Youtube, including several famous developers’ conferences such as JSConf, GoogleTechTalk and O ‘Reilly. You can upgrade your development skills in this video channel.



Reactive programming is emerging, and this is a project from C dric Soulas, which aims to teach you the principles of reactive programming.



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