Preface: IKEA home as a world-famous home brand, its IKEA design APP makes use of human creativity, adding low input, high contribution value and high return to the product to make users do not know.
It is a loyal fan of product brand. IKEA designs APP (effect) to give you a new design thinking.

1. IKEA Design APP’s Use of Creativity

Many people have had such experience in places like IKEA, Amazon, millet, Taobao and other places that need to be assembled into a complete product by themselves. They will make a big trip in the details.
The rendering of IKEA on the APP shows that this thing is very good and strong, and the complicated pictographic steps of the instructions attract us to try. But the results are rarely as strong as you expected.
And durable. In college, I also bought a coffee table that needed to be assembled for a few months, and the table began to shake and even slanted. Anyway, I would do my best to do some help.
Shi. Why do I go to IKEA to design APP to browse, then I will persist in this bad table to devote more energy to repair it? This kind of thing is not my own experience. Many people stick to it
Using your own things for a long time, even beyond your imagination. Is it the IKEA design APP that produces some effect? Or…

Psychologist Mike Norton, Daniel Mo Qiao and Dan en Ereli published a new study in the Journal of consumer psychology to illustrate this phenomenon. Content points out: Do something, put your own blood into it
Liquid and sweat (including their own emotions and ideas) to a physical object that seems to bring it extra value and outweigh its inherent quality, the researchers call it “the IKEA design app”.
Effect. The “IKEA design app effect” is a cognitive bias that can greatly affect the actual meaning and perceived value of the product, and enhance the connection between the user and the product.
For example, in 1940s, a variety of instant baking ingredients were sprang up in the United States, and American food manufacturers wanted to shorten the time and energy needed to make a cake. They have simplified the need to add water to the production
(or milk) and the process of egg. As a result, people don’t agree. Why? A psychologist named Ernest Dickett. He discovered that the formula made people make cakes.
The level of effort needed was reduced, and it was too easy. Obviously, people have not been satisfied with the bake cake experience. Then the manufacturer came up with a solution to separate the egg and milk ingredients from the mixed powder.
Come out and let people add themselves in the post production process. After that, miraculously increased sales. It can be seen that the smallest effort to add eggs and milk to cake powder can also help me.
We get the success from making the cake. This shows that customization is not only a personal preference, but also an effort to increase user preferences for products. In fact, there are many such examples, such as tourism, formerly.
More are the thoughts of group tour, “pay the money, I enjoy”. Now, all kinds of parent-child groups, travel and travel, join in more experience scenes that need to be put into labor in the process.
It also makes tourism more meaningful and users pay for it.
For design, what kind of thinking can IKEA design APP (effect) bring to us? What form can it integrate into the design?
Let’s look at a scientist, Saunders, about the level of consumption. Everything from a typical shopping experience can be divided into four levels: shopping, buying, owning and using.
Moreover, these four levels of creativity are all human needs every day. We are very glad that we have seen these four levels in IKEA’s APP design. Now let’s explain it with a table.

This form sees 4 levels of creativity, so how does IKEA design APP (effect) help us in design practice?
When you consider different user experience methods, you can recall these levels and consider the creativity level of your target users. The more demand for customization and collaborative production is in your target audience.
The value of IKEA’s APP design will have an even greater impact on your product. When the task is successfully completed, this effect can enhance the user stickiness of the product. Not only in the IKEA design APP (
Effect), in fact, there are many examples in our life, such as origami, cross stitch, Lego, hand toy, and millet router. They all let fans participate in the output of the product.
Cheng Lai joined in to become a loyal fan of the brand. IKEA design APP (effect) is the use of this process of participation of fans, so that users can feel more IKEA design APP pro.
Cut the effect.
Google’s web game, Interland, is involved in some interesting ways to get children involved, to enhance their children’s sense of responsibility for the security of the network and to enhance their awareness of the security of the network. each
The design of a checkpoint, through interesting forms, (question and answer, calculation, collection of cards, loving care) let the child think, do it, and make them unknowingly through their efforts and tasks.
Learn these safety knowledge which is difficult to use words to promote learning. In this process, the “IKEA design app effect” principle also plays an important role.

Is it just allowing users to participate in it to produce IKEA design APP (effect)? The answer is negative. Just mentioned that when the task is successfully completed, the effect will emerge. Just as Anton Nikolov
In the design principle Ikea Effect, low input, high contribution value, high return task can make the user produce a good IKEA design APP (effect). Apple and millet
The assembly of routers, manual or Google online games are all the tasks that make the target successful, and these are the process of having fun and emotional effort. Is the interaction between the product and the user
It is also a matching process between product model and user mental model. This is exactly what IKEA designed and produced APP.

In the QQ campaign, the design of running track introduced IKEA design APP (effect), giving freedom to users. Users can create DIY routes in their familiar running routes. Let the peers
The players join together to run the route. Motivate the outstanding UGC line contributors. This mode of PGC + UGC expands the original demand of sports runners, and also solves the problem of primary running.
People do not know where to run the problem. IKEA designs APP (effect), so that professional runners will create attachment and pride to create their own exclusive routes. At the same time, line fans join in, adding fun and being
The sense of identity. That is to say, it is the original intention of IKEA to design APP (effect) to let users participate as much as possible and participate voluntarily.

IKEA’s new sports concept from the perspective of APP design (effect)

We usually think that sport is a non social responsibility activity in free time. From labor fatigue, stress, and physical health needs, energy is replenish again.
The way to save. From this point of view, most people will think that you can teach me how to exercise healthfully and give me accurate motion data. In this way, although we get the basic needs of sports, we lose more.
Deep sports enjoyment, therefore, in order to get more sports enjoyment, it is worthwhile to have more strength in some places.
“IKEA designed APP (effect)” prompted us to rethink the relationship between running athletes and athletes. Running is a creative sport out of one’s hobby. It can make people produce long-term and profound.
Satisfaction. So a new way of adding IKEA to APP’s design does not destroy the behavior. It is a sense of basic feeling that the players need to be free of the sense of freedom.
Let them get the sense of existence, autonomy, transcendence, and the sense of achievement can stimulate the feeling of the sport’s continuing belonging to the sport, thus improving the stickiness of the runners to the platform. IKEA design APP (effect
) it is just a stone and two birds.

IKEA designs APP (effect) to create high value experience based on user skills.

At the entrance interface of the running, the user has an intuitive understanding of the motion function starting. It can start the running function or the walking function, and then continue to excavate the “exclusive” path route. Display on the map
It’s on all kinds of lines. And the coordinates show how many people are running. Users will be able to see the number of participants on the route and their billboards, and be curious about the challenges and new functions of the route.
To further promote users to understand how to generate new lines and make themselves the first people in the new line. In IKEA design APP (effect), when the user tries, it will be found that this function is not.
Only for professional runner, each user can find a new place to declare a route. Reduce the user’s threshold for execution, fast integration.
In the process of creating route trajectory – the user can directly foresee the influence that it can produce after the line is created, and the user becomes the active participant in the original passive use function.
And to the development of products, to meet the needs of sports runners and spiritual experience needs. Researchers believe that IKEA design APP (effect) can enable users to rise to psychological and spiritual pursuits, and can not be denied.
It was a great success.

IKEA design APP (effect) is transformed from “interactive participation” to “creative experience”.

We need to be aware of the fact that IKEA’s APP designers are not at all creative levels. Therefore, we need to cater for these different levels. Running in sports
Look at the data. Most of the runners are runners. We need a few people to drive most of the runners. For creators, it is DIY’s own route. Do your own line
A certain number of participants will be encouraged by the speaker and the route. For participants, it solves the problem that they do not know where to run. As well as the fellow travellers, there will be a prize.
Encourage. This is for the general participants. He will be here to get a better return than he expected.
From output – creating experience point – creative and participants together – creating sports values can make the user change from a single movement to a experiential movement. This can be seen as a IKEA design APP (effect
It should be a benign ecological chain.

IKEA design APP (effect) as a cognitive bias, is the embodiment of users’ subjective feelings, and also provides a way and idea for us to enhance user experience. Sometimes our design is not for the user
All the things are well designed. We should also allow users to participate in the design and improve their brand loyalty, so that our design will become more popular.
“Improve the sense of user participation!” It’s really simple. ”
“The law of participation!” What are some ways to attract active participation? ”
What are the common game design techniques to enhance user participation?
These 7 key points are the top priority of user experience design for every product.

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