What are the principles and elements of design? Common sense about LOGO design elements extraction.

1. general knowledge of LOGO design elements extraction

In my previous teaching, extracting elements was a specialized course, but it wasn’t particularly careful because of the limited live online time and more time spent on interactive and operational demonstrations.

Today and the next few weeks, we’ll take a few articles to study the extraction of elements, enough to see how important this topic is, “the quality of enterprise-related elements refinement work directly affects the results of logo design.” This is the problem I found in the teaching process for more than ten years, but also my own LOGO has been to follow. Follow the law.
You’re not good at cooking. Maybe only 1% of the food you buy is bad, but that 1% is enough to ruin your dinner. However, due to the complexity and interweaving of the related elements of enterprises, there are few tens of thousands of words unclear, so today only write about logo design elements extraction common sense, and “text information extraction in the name of enterprises”, “noun element extraction in the name of enterprises”, “cultural element extraction in the name of enterprises” and so on, remain. The next few periods. By What are the principles and elements of design?

[1/ what is the element extraction of LOGO design]

Whether you know what logo design elements extraction is, whether you are a logo design novice or not, you make a logo will certainly use the elements extraction, as you do cooking, you can not always use a horse spoon scoop, with a casserole stew bowl? Yes, you certainly won’t. You can’t cook without food, clothes without cloth, cars without steel, plastic, glass and other materials. For the final finished product, all the raw materials and accessories you use in the process are elements.
Logo design elements extraction is simply to collect logo design and enterprise-related logo creation available elements, so that when the logo creation can enrich your logo visual expression, here are a few keywords, first collection, second and enterprise-related, third creation available, fourth to enrich your visual expression, that four What does it mean?

[1-1/ collection]

Collect means to look for, and take it back, and put it together. You just look for it, and you don’t take it back. That’s called browsing. It’s very important.
A while ago, I made a logo called “left and right stars” training agency for children’s models, my daughter is a child model, below a GIF video of her CCTV walk show, you can experience the elegance of children’s walk show. By What are the principles and elements of design?

In view of this project has done a relatively complete material collection and collation work, we can look at my demonstration, as follows, is it very comprehensive and neat?
The direct element in A/ brand name:
A-1 Chinese: left and right, left
A-2 English: LEFT RIGHT, Left Right, LR, lr[note 1]
A-3 graphics: symbols, star symbols, and light symbols that can represent the left and right sides [note 2]
B/ industry elements:
B-1 children’s fashion show industry: T stage, spotlight, model, clothing, children [note 3]
C/ implies elements:
C-1 children’s meaning: flowers, sun, birds, sprouts
C-2 model: Phoenix, fawn
The direct element in A/ brand name:
A-1 Chinese: left and right, left

The direct element in A/ brand name:
A-2 English: LEFT RIGHT, Left Right, LR, LR

The direct element in A/ brand name:
A-3 graphics: symbols, star symbols, and light symbols that can represent left and right.

B/ industry elements:
B-1 children’s fashion show industry: T stage, spotlight, model, clothing, children. By What are the principles and elements of design?

C/ implies elements:
C-1 children’s meaning: flowers, sun, birds, sprouts

C/ implies elements:
C-2 model: Phoenix, fawn

[note 1/ collection of different forms of an element]
When collecting and extracting text class elements, be sure to carefully and thoroughly collect all kinds of writing methods (such as English capitalization, simplified Chinese traditional) of the text. For example, in this case, if you only see capitalization or lowercase, it is not possible, because many times the creative inspiration comes from the conditions of the element itself, such as The following FedEx logo, if the element collection stays in uppercase, may not have the classic negative arrow. By What are the principles and elements of design?

[note 2/ collection of some relatively abstract enterprise related elements]
Graphic collections can’t just collect elements that are graphical in themselves. For example, in this case, if you only collect starlight, you might miss an idea point, so you see that I’ve collected “symbols that represent left and right,” maybe arrows or whatever, and whether or not you can find the right element, you should use List the ways of the text first, then try to find a way to complete your proposition, according to the requirements of the description of the text to find the corresponding elements.
The two cases in the picture below are made by my students. They are very simple. There are stars and stars. But do you think about it? If you don’t look for arrow symbols to represent the left and right in the element collection phase, you won’t design a logo like this, which means that the overall impact of the element collection on your creativity. By What are the principles and elements of design?

[note 3/ collection of corporate implied elements]
The importance of collecting and extracting elements is well known, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can go back and forth when you collect and extract them. Just like Sherlock Holmes, you can find insignificant clues. There are many direct visual elements in the name of the enterprise, such as the “Starlight” in this case, but these direct elements are large. The family will see.
At that time, if you want to make logo different, you have to learn another way. The corporate metaphor is very important, and we’ll talk about it in a future article. Just tell you the concept today. For example, in this case, the metaphor elements collect flowers, birds and so on. These elements can sometimes be directly logged, such as adding a bird to a star. By What are the principles and elements of design? By What are the principles and elements of design?

[1-2/ business related]
Enterprise related elements, very well understood, is that this element content must be able to represent the information of your enterprise, which is what we have to learn in the near future, I will do a simple classification, from next week we will be three consecutive weeks (maybe four weeks) to explain the classification of elements extraction techniques.
Text in enterprise name

The text in the business name is what we’re going to talk about next week. It’s the most common LOGO design element extraction method in the world. The four pictures above are very clear to you. The text in the project name is the creative element. Old-fashioned keywords used by the “name”, Huiyuan brand name, Golden Arch is used by the first letter, IBM is used by the “International Business Machines” abbreviation, that specific extraction methods and techniques, we will start writing in the future, today is a simple introduction.

Mengniu used the symbolic NOUN “ox horn”, Mr. Li used the name of the people, the Alps and Qingdao used the place names, you just need to figure out these nouns can be. By What are the principles and elements of design?

Hangzhou is built with a regional culture, Tongrentang is used with the seal of history and culture, Microsoft and Starbucks are used with the culture of origin, the window of the world and the siren from Greek mythology.

Yao Ge and Crab Sanpang use the corresponding nouns, KPOZ and SPORTS are related to the movement of enterprises.

Nike’s hook represents emotional action, Fan uses children to highlight the consumer, the old shopkeeper’s staff, the tool palette used by STUDI, and Emily designs the witch hat as an ice cream sample to represent the product, all of which can represent certain attributes of the industry.

Eastern Airlines does not sell birds, birds to imply flying; ICBC does not sell copper money, square pore money to imply finance; the good fortune is not only to buy heart-shaped cake, heart represents what I do not explain.
In addition to the extraction methods of the above industry elements, there are still some of us to chat slowly in the future.
[1-3/ creation available]
A friend brings a child to a house to play. His wife asks you to buy some pork. As a result, you buy two pink pig girls * dolls. Do you want to have fried Peggy at noon? You will be very wrong, obviously also a pig, you * * re set out, buy three pounds of pig fat, this is definitely pork, 1000% of it is sure that this is pork, but I can also guarantee that 1000% of you have to sleep in the pig fat * at night.
Although it seems to be a joke, but many friends suffer from it, the creation of available materials, not you Baidu so simple, let’s take an example, take the left and right stars for example, all right, director let you find the elements of the stars. By What are the principles and elements of design?

Find the director, when you show the picture to the director, the director must be looking at you with this look, the director said, “Honey, we are the logo design of the children’s training institution, understand? Look for a suitable star element, pay attention to children’s related industries!

This time it’s all right. Not only a little gorilla, but also a little friend! When you show this picture to the director, you will find that colleagues are looking at you in this way.
It seems like I’m serious about telling a joke, but it happens every day, because the information is inaccurate or the collected elements tend to be photographic and the elements are not available for logo creation.
For example, for starlight training, you really don’t have a good chance of collecting chimpanzees, but is it appropriate to use the spelling “z” and “y” with the words “left” and “right”? My answer is no, customers have no restrictions on having to use English, but children’s models, such a fashion industry, occasionally will cooperate with foreign clothing brands or go to foreign competitions to show, when others see your logo, ZY is completely incomprehensible, and LR understand what English means, even if I am so blind in English. It’s also understandable (the automotive rearview mirror’s adjusting buttons are labeled L and R), so it’s important to note that elements caused by misinformation extraction are not available because all enterprise-related elements are not available. Let’s look at the following cases:

It’s not a chimpanzee, it’s a planet, it’s a star, but it’s not usable either, because you’re not paying attention to the full meaning of the word. Starlight, not stars, even left and right stars, you can not use the planet, because there are many inherent graphics and meaning of the connection, you have to use the most representative form to reflect an image, such as the customer’s star is the star, that is, naturally with four-pointed star, five-pointed star. Star, or six pointed star, as shown in the following figure. By What are the principles and elements of design?

We searched 360 for “star logo” and found most of them are tetragonal, pentagonal, or hexagonal stars, and most of them are pentagonal stars, which means that because pentagonal stars are more geometrically beautiful in shape, people think of the word star first thought of pentagonal stars, and designers will use this inertial thinking to mention it. The element of five pointed star is transformed to consumers.
When it comes to this, let’s talk about “collecting elements in favor of picturing,” which means you can’t collect only one “star” word, not just pictures, graphics, patterns. But to “star logo” as the main element to “star logo” for the collection of what has been issued above, we will look at the following “star pattern”, “star pattern” and “star” as the elements of the collection of what is like. By What are the principles and elements of design?

Did you see? Is it basically useless to add patterns and graphics search results to the keyword itself or after the keyword?
[1-4/ enriches logo’s visual expression]
Our final logo shows up, rarely putting all the elements together like Unilever, and we basically use two or three elements, so why collect so many elements? In addition to finding more combinations through more elements, there’s also something we can use to enrich the visual expression of logos. For example, in this case, Youyilai sells dried fruit. My student did a good job of this project. The shape of the cashew nut is like a smile, but there are some. Don’t you think it’s too simple?
Visual expression is not enough. We need to add something to add. It depends on the elements we collect. In fact, when I see this logo, I know what should be added in the first second. You may wonder, teacher, do you design without element extraction? My answer is yes, but not every time. For example, in this case, if I did, I wouldn’t need to refine the elements, because the images of those elements were already in my mind, because they were accumulated over a long period of time. By What are the principles and elements of design?

OK, how can this cashew smile logo increase visual expression? In fact, it doesn’t need to add too much. First of all, do I add a cashew smile to the shape of my teeth?

It doesn’t matter what kind of tooth it is, rabbits or squirrels. In fact, my teeth look like this, with a gap in the middle (I don’t feel ugly, just occasionally speak out). What else can I add? Look at the picture below.


Oh, did you see that? The addition of two triangles representing dried fruit fragments makes logos more visually expressive. When I do this, these elements “jump” directly into my mind, and your brain doesn’t function as a “jump” element, not as a result Stupid for you, but you have less experience, fewer elements, and those links are not easy to go.
Next we will rotate the whole angle to see what changes have taken place.

With a little more English, it’s OK. Do you know the importance of the elements this time by comparing the results before and after the revision?

Finally, make a trial. Do you have a feeling?

Summary: This is all about element extraction today. I hope that when you finish reading this part of the text and go to logo, it will be clearer. Which element should you look for and which keyword is this element? Sometimes the elements come out, the logo comes out, of course, today there are still some things not mentioned, such as some elements extraction techniques, the next issue will be clear. Let’s look at the expansion exercise.


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