Hello, I met a girl half a month ago, found that we are very close, basically no problem chatting, very smooth, send her a message, she is basically seconds back. But I sent her a message today, not as positive as before. I felt something wrong with her. I asked her what was wrong, and could tell me something. She said her ex boyfriend called her and she cried for a long time. I asked her if he was still in his heart, or was he thinking about compounding with him or thinking about it? She said she could not go back, but she just felt sad. Later, she continued to chat. She said she didn’t want to be in love now. She was very tired. How should I catch up with this situation?


Do you know what is in her mind?
Let me analyze it for you.
1 she has an ex boyfriend in her heart.
2 she doesn’t like you.

She has an ex boyfriend in her heart, or else what is she crying about? But they can’t be together. What’s the reason? Maybe it’s because some minor contradictions broke up, and now it’s getting too far away. Maybe it’s their parents’disapproval. Maybe it’s other irresistible factors.

Because separation is very painful, she has not come out yet.
That’s why it’s impossible for you and her to make progress in a short time, because she doesn’t see you as an ambiguous person at all.

You’re talking to her right now, and you’re probably looking at you as a chat partner, not as a development goal.
She said she did not want to fall in love, very tired, because not completely out of the shadow of the breakup, also did not meet the people she would like to be together, so do not want to fall in love.
You can always continue to be a listener, but be careful not to listen to her constantly pouring out negative energy.
You can take the initiative to guide her to some interesting, fun topics, or take her to some interesting and exciting places to play.

If she doesn’t want to do this and just wants to pour negative energy on you, you say to her: It’s boring talking to you. People can’t live in the past all the time. I’ve invited friends to dinner / play ball / read books.
In short, it is an attitude to let her know that you do not want to be an emotional trash can.
Otherwise, you will gradually become her emotional garbage can, become a need to remember not to throw aside the tool.
On the other hand, you can slowly occupy her heart by providing emotional value.
Because she can’t forget her ex-boyfriend, always pretending to be him, want her to put that person down, you have to be able to let her produce a variety of emotional changes, to be a man who can control her emotions.
If you can make her happy, curious, excited, moved, disappointed, jealous, angry, sad, worried and other psychological changes. She’s not far away from being fond of you, because you like a person to show these emotional changes.

You slowly occupy her heart, so that she can no longer tolerate other people, unwittingly like you.But one thing to remind you is that this is a long-term process, a short one or two months, a long two or three months, or even longer. Because people are emotional, she once devoted herself to like a person, it is impossible because the breakup, immediately into the next relationship. Time can make her memory vague and more patient.
If you think she’s worth it and it’s worth pursuing for months, be more patient, infiltrate her life slowly, influence her little by little, and make her like you.

Listen up, I am gonna expose the truth and give you the whole enchilada regarding getting a girl who already has a partner. Therefore, you must exercise caution when you use these techniques – otherwise you might danger yourself if the boyfriend belongs to the local Mafia. Be forewarned!

“Make Her Sack Her Boyfriend.” You can use this tactic once you are convinced that you stack up well against her boyfriend. What you need to do is cosy up to her and ask what she desires in a partner. Then, force her to compare what she wants with what she currently possesses. Getting her to be sensitive of what she has forsaken will put her in a ‘grass is greener on the other side’ state of mind and before you know it she’ll start watching out for someone closer to her ideals. This point is when you enter stage right and seize her away from that tool she’s with.

“Covert persuasion.” This technique would require you to actually get into her psyche and influence what she really thinks so that she is psychologically more attracted to you and becomes revolted by the guy she is with. A guy with morals would probably refuse to use this technique because of how devious it actually is, but hey! You’re stealing another man’s girlfriend; you shouldn’t be having any qualms with regards to morality.

“Make a change and make a difference”. This particular tactic would involve making you scrutinize yourself and know FOR REAL if she has got the reasons to leave her boyfriend for you Roll up your sleeves and cut out all the things you dislike about yourself. You are indeed good enough for her, or for anyone – and you’ll need to convince her by becoming her IDEAL boyfriend.

How to Make a Girl Love You More? Here is What Will Make Her Feel Absolute Love For You Always

Somehow you feel that you are not receiving enough love from your girl. In spite of giving her all your attention and love, you feel that there is something missing. Don’t fret! There are ways to make you girl fall more in love with you. These tips will make you into the guy she will appreciate more.

Don’t try too hard 
Sometimes when you try too hard, you could mess things up and come across as desperate. Your girl will love you more if you are yourself. Be natural around her. Don’t do too much and give in to her every whim and fancy.

Be assertive 
Show your girl that you have a mind of your own. You can be assertive without being a bully. Your girl will love you more if you show her your strong and confident side.

Be more kind to her folk 
The best way to get your girl to love you more is to be kind and gracious to her folk. Do things like sending her dad or mum something nice on their birthdays or take her younger brother or sister for an ice cream treat. She will simply adore you for being so thoughtful.

Spend quality time with her 
Which girl won’t love you more if you make sure that you spend time with her? Show her that she means more to you than your buddies. A girl who finds that her guy will give up a football game to take her to the movies will do anything in return! Thoughtful gestures and time spent together will make the relationship stronger.

Don’t take her for granted 
Boyfriends sometimes tend to do just that. They forget to appreciate the little things their girls do for them and after a while, expect it like it is their right! Girls get hurt very easily and like to be appreciated.

Never step down from the pedestal 
When the romance was new she put you on a pedestal. Never forget that and try to keep up to the standard. It is true that “familiarity breeds contempt” and if you tend to get lazy and careless about loving your girl it could make her lose interest after a while.

Be full of surprises 
By now you should know that girls love being surprised. They are always on the lookout for that special something from you that tells her she is loved. Score some points by doing little things that will bring a smile on her lips and a blush to her cheeks.

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