How to make your graphic design stand out?

Design is not a skill, but a sense of ability and insight to capture the essence of things.

What I am going to share today is how to make your work get rid of the sense of mediocrity and stand out. To do this, use the six techniques in this article to make your design more tense step by step.
Before we begin, Uncle Nephew reiterates that all the techniques mentioned in this article have a premise: it must be based on a sense of order, or else the effect will be “chaos” rather than tension.

1. blank “shape”

Blank can be seen as negative graphics in the picture, so the shape of blank is also need to be designed. White space has the same attributes as normal graphics, such as curved edges of the left blank makes people feel soft, sharp corners of the left blank makes people feel sharp. By How to make your graphic design stand out?

This method of leaving blanks is the most commonly used, that is, horizontal and vertical, regardless of the shape of the blanks. Although there is nothing wrong with it, it is not excellent.

Although it’s just a change in the shape of the white space, it’s softer and more vivid than it was before, and the whole design moment is injected with a “nimble” that fits the mood better. How to make your graphic design stand out?

2. contrast

To a large extent, the contrast determines whether your work is mediocre or excellent. If there is no contrast, there is no distinction between primary and secondary. The contrast of control pictures can be started from 3 dimensions:
Jump rate: the size of image, text and other elements is called jump rate.
The more intense the contrast is, the more powerful the picture will be. Low jump rate: smooth, quiet and advanced layout. High jump rate: strong contrast, tension and movement.

Thick and fine contrast: the text or line with thick and thin contrast can better distinguish the primary and secondary, and can also enhance the “quality sense” of the whole design.

(3) Contrast of light and shade: images with strong contrast of light and shade often give people a stronger sense of view, and have more visual impact. The lack of contrast between light and shade images, will make people feel “gray” and more suitable for literature and art, hazy theme. By How to make your graphic design stand out?

3. movement
Visual designs such as car ads and sportswear often use “motion” to make designs more eye-catching. The elements that create a sense of motion can choose the material in the state of the action of a speeding car or a jumping character.  By How to make your graphic design stand out?

If the material is limited, you can also use non horizontal, non vertical, different size graphics or text. This combination can also bring a sense of movement to your design, but be aware that this change also reflects a rule to maintain order, otherwise it will be too loose and disorderly, neither the beauty of order nor the dynamic.  By How to make your graphic design stand out?

(Inclined compositions must pay attention to the baseline of the text, the text to be read, and the baseline alignment must be maintained.)

4. level sense

Hierarchy can make your design more “three-dimensional”, the visual effect is not so “flat”, simple adjustments can make the screen more “breathable”. By highlighting the antecedents and antecedents, you can be more visually rational and make your design more interesting.  By How to make your graphic design stand out?

5. faces

Face is always the first element of human instinct. Both human and animal faces are visually attractive, especially eyes.
You can try to magnify your face boldly and instantly increase the tension of the picture. Sometimes mediocrity and brilliance are a little bit less distant.  By How to make your graphic design stand out?

6. exaggerated deformation

Ordinary common things, slightly deformed or exaggerated, will feature part of the exaggerated processing, can bring visual novelty, attract attention, increase visual impact.
So the head of the expression is very large, in order to emphasize facial expression and personality, and increase affinity. Fashion models usually have a smaller head, which is to highlight clothing.  By How to make your graphic design stand out?

Well, these are the 6 ways to make your design stand out.
In fact, good design is not a bright spot in every detail. Instead, we should weaken other elements and maximize the brightness of a single spot, which is concise and easy to accept.
Designing methods are ever-changing, but good design has its own characteristics, these skills skilled use, your design work will certainly take a big step forward. Finally, don’t forget to collect and practice.


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