In the process of UI design (User interface design), we often find color matching, but do not know what effect is used, and we often have to draw conclusions in the experiment, which is a waste of time.
Between. This website will let you see the basic effect of UI User (interface design) color matching in the shortest time, thus saving a lot of time.

Color Tool

On the left is the analog phone interface, though slightly rough, the effect is still acceptable. The right bottom color module is divided into main color, auxiliary color, main color text and auxiliary color text. Select the main color module and pick a color to see the effect. The color matching in the UI design (User interface design) can quickly arouse the attention of the user and has a very strong affinity, helping to retain the user and cultivating the loyalty of the user.
When you choose a bright yellow color in UI User (interface design), you can see that the simulated interface has changed.

Select the auxiliary color module and select a auxiliary color.

Finally select the main color and auxiliary color under the text color, such UI design (User interface design) is the final preview effect.
Preview, of course, has more than one interface. It can switch other interfaces.

Not only preview, the color module is also very detailed, this UI design (User interface design) artifact, also with the main color and auxiliary color, deepen and reduce the effect of light. All colors also have corresponding color numbers for use.

Can UI design (User interface design) replace different colors?

Of course, you don’t like template colors or you can choose custom color options.

After determining the color matching, select the ACCESSIBILITY on the left upper navigation bar. You can see that the content you have selected has been sorted out, and the queue is waiting for you to pick it up. It can be said to be very considerate.

This website is the next color matching branch of Google Material Design website. More about Material Design content can be found in the home page.


The website also has a lot of other serious content, for the UI design (User interface design) enthusiasts, is very helpful, and then slowly sharing to everyone.
Color Tool is free to use and is properly used.




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