Is it your gift? No, it’s your gift!

Packaging Design Inspiration: Japanese toy maker Kitan Club has designed a lovely Valentine’s Day gift for cats. (feeling the conscience, whose gift is it?)
Officials say there are four colors available for the cat’s love headset, made of high quality wool, which makes your cat look really good while feeling warm and loving.

A very small, pathetic, helpless… The sand carving cat!
Cat: I finally understand your good, and I don’t want it anymore.

My baby, I’ll give you a little lick.

Packaging Design Inspiration: It is also an artifact invented to serve the cat master.

How much for dinner? This Thanksgiving dinner pants is all known.

Packaging Design Inspiration: Do you eat any more after you meet an acquaintance on the road?
Did you eat this turkey pants? How much do you eat? Everything is in the picture.

“Thanksgiving dinner pants” make your stomach look like an X-ray that shows food just below your belly.

This pair of trousers is also equipped with a larger version of pocket.
“You can sneak some leftovers back to the room.” (?)
“They are very fashionable and very practical.” (??)
“Why don’t you like it?” (??)?


Former insoles, for all kinds of heartbreak.

Packaging Design Inspiration: I believe you have heard many stories about high – heeled shoes made by past artists.
Maybe it’s long.

It is said that in ancient Egyptian culture, this was a metaphorical way of symbolizing conquest and devaluation by trampling the enemy on his feet.
Although it is really very angry, but it is really too mean


Boss, please help me pack this iMac.

Packaging Design Inspiration: Don’t envy new media people who can squatting on the roadside anytime and anywhere.
With this portable bag, designers can also walk away, iMac I have.

Lavolta, a London-based digital designer, has designed a bag for the iMac. By the way, this woolen leather bag has a special opening for Apple’s logo.

It’s not practical. I don’t know. Just ask, why do I take so much trouble to give my boss the opportunity to work overtime anytime and anywhere?


The design of this Bra lining.

Packaging Design Inspiration: Unanimously opposed by straight Japanese men
A Japanese company has introduced a new type of fabric. Fixing the triangular pad on the lady’s Bra strap can hide the “career line”.

It is said that Japanese men also complain on Twitter: “why design such a bad thing?”

What’s unhappy is weighing. But can we know about it?


A good memory is better than a wearable memorandum.

Packaging Design Inspiration: A “forget” health and brain, no “forget”? Fortunately, you still have a wearable memo.
Wearable equipment is quite advanced and careful. This is not the “popping rule” played in childhood.

The memo, called Wemo, was inspired by nurses who often write important reminders on their hands.



Packaging Design Inspiration: Wemo can be reused according to the needs of users, and finger marks or erasers can erase marker marks. And even in wet conditions, your notes can be kept intact, and you can wash your hands and work underwater wearing them.
Frankly speaking, this design is quite practical for staff in emergency situations. But in everyday life, it is hard to avoid suspicion – “Excuse me, are you a goldfish with only 7 seconds of memory?”


My nails can draw a rainbow.

Packaging Design Inspiration: Sunny, a Moscow based manicure company, has launched a set of coloured pencil manicure.
This, this, this…
Ugliness is not ugly, also said, will not poke hurt?

Tired, the beautiful woman called me. This is what I wrote today.


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