Editor’s note: why is the interaction between iOS and Android so different from the same App? This article will use a large number of original design cases, one by one for you to explain why they should do this, quickly learn! Understand and properly integrate platform specifications and advantages to… Continue Reading Super comprehensive! Comparison of design differences between Android application and iOS application

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So Why Should I Make Videos Using VideoMakerFX? The top marketers know the incredible power of an awesome well made video. It’s been proven time and time again to boost conversions and sales. Here’s just a few of the many reasons… It’s no secret that video has a magical effect on your viewers and customers.… Continue Reading Make Videos Like The PROs With the Most Powerful Video Creation Software…

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What happens when Fortnite V5.2 flickers back? Many of our partners flicker back after updating V5.2. Here’s a short edition of Fortnite V5.2. Since the release of Fortnite V5.2.0 on August 9, some players have reported client flickers when the game interface is loaded. For players with such problems, we… Continue Reading “Fortnite” flash back solution V5.2 how to do flash backward after update?

Let’s take a look at the sharp ways of the masters. Every time we share PSD, we must not just download, but should take the time to learn, take a closer look at each layer of the big ones, see their production ideas and style application habits.   http://vdisk.weibo.com/s/7HyLw/1340803715

Recommend that you also put the commonly used components in a psd, such as the buttons are all placed in a psd, navigation, flip a page! When such projects are to be used, they do not have to blindly browse through PSD. This PSD collection will also be a trend… Continue Reading Very useful button collection (PSD source file)

In international clothes, a large number of Fortnite5.2 versions of Galaxy skin have also been formally launched. In addition to the skins of racers previously revealed in the excavation documents, there are many other race drivers who have beautiful skins!! Fortnite 5.2 Galaxy skin update, adding a large number of… Continue Reading The first is shaking the dynamic skin line! Fortnite5.2 version of large galaxy skin attack

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  As in previous years, this year, Google still invested a little effort on Material Design to push the whole design language into the whole Google product system. At present, the overall design style of Material Design is operated by the independent department within Google, not relying on specific products,… Continue Reading Crazy Google walk All-White wind? It’s just the redesign of a partner

  The designer in Airbnb Audemars Pigeut, which is the experience designer, may not differentiate between “interactive designer” and “visual designer” with some companies or organizations, in order to create value for users and improve user experience. This article is to share with you what difficulties and challenges I have… Continue Reading How can the newcomer interactive designer grow up quickly? Airbnb good hands to teach you!

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