As the saying goes, no interview in spring, sad in summer, and good skill in face. Whether all the partners have encountered such problems: The resume of the delivery is unheard of. I don’t know what the interviewer wants to ask at the interview. Many conceptual theories do not… Continue Reading Super detailed—2018 designer interview guide

1. Find a job – resume To find a job, a resume is the first hurdle. It is divided into two parts: one is to write a resume and the other is to send a resume. 1. write a resume Writing resume is in principle concise and concise, highlighting one’s… Continue Reading After successfully entering Alibaba, I summed up these 3 job search experiences.

  This article is a detailed introduction to the Material Theme Editor tool how to use this tool, let you quickly familiarize and understand this tool of Google, I hope you can help! First, Material Theme Editor – “a powerful Theme Editor”. At the Google I/O conference in May 2018,… Continue Reading Google’s new Material Theme Editor artifact enables you to design quickly and well.

  Before introducing a lot of free resources related to Mockups, I don’t have much research on product development, but Mockups means that I understand the model map, which can be integrated into the entity device through the tools on the network. It looks like the real operation, whether it… Continue Reading With this artifact, you can easily create a prototype for mobile phones, and you can customize colors.

In 2018, since the last article, almost half a year did not write his own things, this half a year in the new company, new jobs have been very big, has done two app, an information class (already online), the other is the small business (still not online). The process… Continue Reading Half a year for two APP, I summed up the 6 practical experiences.

With the continuous development of mobile Internet, the concept and strategy of “mobile – centered” are also permeated. The “short, flat, fast” of the Internet often makes designers can not stop for long time to think about usability design, and the best way to quickly find the best way is… Continue Reading A summary of the basic knowledge of the ultra comprehensive navigation design

Designing a VUI? What Is a Voice User Interface (VUI)? What do you need to do before starting VUI design? Is it VUI designer jobs valuable? Can I need to take a VUI course before starting it?  May be most of the VUI beginner want to know about these information. And… Continue Reading Designing a VUI? What Is a Voice User Interface (VUI)? What do you need to do before starting VUI design? Is it VUI designer jobs valuable?

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Gal Shir, the net red plug artist on Ins (110 thousand concern), the popularity designer on the chasing wave (60 thousand fans), you get the official authorization of his illustrations. You can see the Gal Shir YouTube, Gal Shir Illustration and Gal Shir Color for the first time, today’s exclusive exclusive… Continue Reading Gal Shir takes you to understand Gal Shir Illustration丨Gal Shir Art丨Gal Shir YouTube丨Gal Shir Color

Framer X – Interactive Design丨Framer X Override丨Framer X Draggable丨Framer X Review Framer X officially posted a new product, Framer X, on its website, indicating that it was a “rule-breaking product that better integrates design and development.” At the same time, the first Slogan of the product was “React meets design.”… Continue Reading Framer X – Interactive Design for Everyone 丨Framer X Override丨Framer X Draggable丨Framer X Review

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