Before introducing a lot of free resources related to Mockups, I don’t have much research on product development, but Mockups means that I understand the model map, which can be integrated into the entity device through the tools on the network. It looks like the real operation, whether it is used for reporting or on the official website. It is all right, and it also makes the overall sense of quality a lot better.

“Mobile Mockup” is an online tool to set up a beautiful mobile end model. It is mainly to integrate screen screenshots into mobile phones quickly. It can set different background background colors (transparent color) and mobile phone color, produce.Png format pictures, and the pictures are very simple and clean. It is suitable for all kinds of designs. Feeling.

Although it is not difficult to put the screenshot into the mobile phone model, it must have the right material and the ability to fix it, and there is no lack of professional drawing software. If you are not good at using a drawing tool, and don’t want to spend too much time dealing with it, Mobile Mockup is a fairly suitable choice for a few minutes. A professional model of the model.

Mobile Mockup

Website link:

Open Mobile Mockup website, first select “Choose screenshot” select the screenshots to be synthesized, according to the website, the best picture size is 360 x 668, but larger than this size is no problem.

After uploading the picture, the screenshot will be displayed on the right side of the Mockup, and then the relevant settings are started. You can see that crop, fit, or stretch represent the picture presentation, which are cut, size and extension. If you don’t know which presentation is suitable for you, direct selection will automatically update the preview on the right.The underneath is the background color of the picture and the color of the mobile phone. Besides the preset color, it is also customizable. It is worth mentioning that the background color is also provided with the “Transparent” option to make the produced pictures fit any background color.

After the completion of the production, click “Download mockup” to download and get the model map of.Png format.

Three reasons worthy of a try:

The upload of the picture can be presented in the mobile phone template.
Customizable background color, phone color and alignment.
The output is.Png image format, no registration or login account.

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