Recently I walked very close to a girl, often out to play, today to ask her out to play, close to when I hold her hand, although a little nervous, and the action is very stiff, but she did not refuse. Later, I sent her home, I want to go further, I want to kiss her, she will not let me go back to her chat, she said she is more traditional, you said I should do now?


She said she was more traditional. What does that mean?
I’m afraid you misunderstand.
Afraid of your imagination, she is not angry, but you are too impatient.
So it is obvious that she has a crush on you.
You didn’t tell the whole process, but you held her hand and tried to kiss her.
The traditional girls will not be so casual, you will be insatiable, even the relationship has not been established.
Besides, everything needs to be gradual.
It’s like a woman asking you to pay your salary. At first you may not like it. After all, you’re not familiar with it, are you?
When you get to know her more and more, and you find out she’s nice to you, she’s good at running a family, and she’s good at budgeting, you’ll be more willing to pay your salary.
This also needs a process, may need to associate for a period of time, mutual understanding, understanding is familiar with a process, it is impossible to see once or twice on the very familiar.
Similarly, you want a girl to be more intimate with you, and you need to show that you really like her, that you are willing to give her a sense of security, that you need to be more attentive, that she feels comfortable with you, that she is more willing to engage.
This also requires a step-by-step process.
Now you take her by the hand, but you’re refused a kiss. It’s okay, but it’s a little bit fast. Next, you need to give her a place to tell her clearly that you like her and want her to be your girlfriend.
If you want to kiss her, it is also skillful. First of all, the environment should be quiet and private, preferably at night, like holding hands.

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