Teacher, I just graduated this year, and then my family hurried to let me go blind. My family condition is OK, my parents are doing business, I am now with them, doing okay. My family is in the second tier city, and this year my parents plan to buy a whole apartment for me in the downtown area. However, the family was very strict, and had never talked about love before, nor did they talk to girls. Date acquaintance, and did not see, friends introduced, at home and look down on, how should I do this situation? I am very anxious myself.


According to your description, your family conditions are really good, just graduated from the family to give you a second-tier city in the downtown area to buy a house, has exceeded many peers.
This is really your advantage, but your problem is not based on these hard conditions. Character and EQ are also important.
Dating is a common practice. You say you can’t see it, you should think that you didn’t meet the girl who matched you.
Now let me talk about your problem.
Nowadays, many families are strict in family education, and they are strict in guarding against falling in love when they are reading. This will lead to a problem, which is lack of contact with the opposite sex, leading to the fact that when they should fall in love, they do not know how to contact the opposite sex, that is, low EQ.
In fact, the most appropriate stage to enhance EQ is in the student age, because the student circle is relatively stable, but also a very easy place to make friends, is the key period to enhance EQ. If the lack of experience with girls, there will be a lot of psychological problems, such as the girl you like, will be anxious, nervous, afraid to say the wrong thing.
What’s more, family education is too strict, everything is arranged by parents, you can’t be independent, it’s easy to live in the shadow of parents. Even looking for an object depends on what your parents mean. What is your independence? At this time, you are not looking for objects you like, but they are looking for you according to their standards.
Women are afraid to be with such boys, can not be independent, lack of ideas, love will only listen to the woman. Immature character is like having a child with a man like this. Marriage worse, because there is no opinion, in his mind, the mother’s feelings will be higher than the wife’s feelings, mother-in-law conflict, the wife is always a victim.

Having said so much, I’ll give you two suggestions:

Find time to get together with your friends, or take part in some interesting social activities, and increase your social experience, whether with the same sex or the opposite sex, will help you.


Your parents are going to give you financial support, no problem, but you should be financially and emotionally independent yourself. Work hard to support yourself and enrich your lifestyle. You’re in good shape. What’s missing is the way to attract girls. What women really need is an independent, confident, mature and responsible man. When you improve in this respect, it’s easy to catch up with the girls you like.


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