The front end dry goods collection is back 2 months after the bounced ticket. Of course, this collection contains a lot of resources, in addition to some basic code tools, including the JavaScript library and various development frameworks, as well as the easy development of GUI applications, believe that both designers and developers will benefit from the integration of today.


This tool can help you find many rare fonts in other places. Unique can even be used to help you create LOGO. You can just click a few times to find the only font that meets the needs.


This simple Web application, only a simple click, can help you translate any photos into two – tone pictures, the picture material can be uploaded by yourself, and the generated pictures can be downloaded randomly. Dual tone is also a very popular design element nowadays. This tool can not be missed.


MDX is a combination of Markdown and JSX specifications, with which you can do something crazy that you’ve never been able to do before, such as importing Markdown files, using Markdown files as independent components, and using it in other file systems.


This is a tool that can be used to display the details of the font. You only need to pull the font into the FontDrop, and you can display the name, style, version, copyright information, font and support language.

DOM Testing Library

This is a JS library for testing DOM. You can use it to do unit testing of your web page UI components to ensure the usability of the entire UI component. This tool can also help you reconstruct and maintain UI functions.


This is a simple React component that can help you save and output Log records in the browser instead of operating in the terminal and Console.log everywhere. This tool is created by Wact Bos and is one of the most famous preachers in React related fields.


Etcher is a very convenient operating system mirroring tool. It was a very troublesome thing to write a system mirror to a disc or a U disk, but now, with the help of Etcher, everything is simple and a few steps can be done.


Ni provides a better way to install a NPM package that can install the missing dependencies from the Package.json file and display the abandoned dependencies and provide a better interface for the whole.


React.js is a static web site generator, and Cuttlebelle provides a better extensibility to allow you to extend the page layout using React based components. If you are familiar with React.js, you can easily create new layouts and use them in Markdown files.


ImgBlur is the best JS component to load the image in a modern way. It has a CLI that can generate a fuzzy version of the original image. This version of the image is very small, preloading a fuzzy version before the original image is loaded to facilitate view and preview.


This is a JS library for creating and converting money, which supports all international currencies, and you can use this library in the Node.js environment and load it into the browser with the aid of CommonJS and EcmaScript 6.


WiredJS is built from native Web components. It is a unique UI library with a rough and simple appearance, and the lines in the appearance of the UI component that it generates are generated randomly, so no components are exactly the same. Using it to draw a wireframe or model is very perfect.


Vuido is a lightweight desktop application framework created using Vue.js, and you can use Vue.js’s API and many other additional components to build desktop applications on Windows, Linux, and MacOS platforms. It’s a great substitute for Electron.


This is a JS library that allows you to create custom HTML elements using friendly API and native Web components. This library provides a simple API like Vue.js and React.js.


Saber.js is a static site generator built for Vue.js, and Saber.js is not as fancy as Nuxt.js, its options and configuration are the simplest, and if you only want to have a static web site that is easy to maintain, it is the best choice.


Winds is a fairly modern RSS and Podcast reader. It can be used on the three platforms of Windows, macOS and Linux.



Relaxed is a transformation tool that can convert HTML and Pug into PDF documents, which can include complex element layouts such as HTML, CSS, JS, and even Markdown to record the main content. Most importantly, it can also use the JS library to add diagrams and use MathJax to add mathematical format content.

Font Style Matcher

This font style matching tool can help you find a tool that is very similar to a local font on the Google, which is very useful for Web developers to preload almost local fonts in the case of Google fonts that have not been loaded.


This is a plan to introduce PWA (progressive Web application) into WordPress. At present, this project is still in its early stage.


This is a React based UI library, and Blueprint.js contains many conventional components such as buttons and tabs, which even contain floating search boxes, which are very similar to Spotlight in macOS.

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