Do you often chat with goddess by “hum”, “Oh” and “ha ha”?
And then you don’t know how?
Chatting, the goddess will not reply to you anymore?
Or the goddess is willing to talk to you, but unfortunately you have become a spare tire.
Are you a senior spare tire?

She answered “yes” for the girl, packed and registered, and even stuffed her bag with two boxes of condoms before she went on a trip.
What is spare tire?
It’s very simple. You’re courteous, you’re successful in dating the goddess, and the goddess doesn’t care about you. You’re just a bitch. The goddess politely asks you again, but she doesn’t promise to say hello. Congratulations, you’re a spare tire.
There may be miracles happen to spare tire, but miracles are miracles. Chances are slim.
If you go out with a

girl, you have a strong sense of self-esteem. Every time you go out for dinner, you grab the bill, and you accidentally become a loner.
Maybe the girl is considerate and will not let you spend money, but you are willing to accompany her out shopping, accidentally became a handbag man.
Buying a knight, carrying a pack man seems not to be very sad.
If I say if, if you like girls, have a boyfriend.
Every time a girl quarrels with her boyfriend, she comes to talk to you. You are hopeful that she will choose you. In fact, she takes you as an emotional garbage can and tells you a lot of things. She is very happy, and she goes back to her boyfriend.


What is an emotional trash can?
Only when a girl is sad and sad will she take the initiative to look for you, other times she will not dump you, this is the emotional trash can. Her boyfriend should also be grateful to you, because you have helped his girlfriend resolve the negative emotions.


Maybe it’s not enough to be an emotional garbage can. When it’s cold, do you send a text message telling girls that it’s cold, wear more Oh / it’s cold, catch a cold easily, and need hot water?
You’ve become a weather forecaster again. If you find a girl sick, you’ll send a message to remind her to take her medicine in the morning, midnight and evening. Ask her if she feels better. Get better soon. Then take turns of information and Weixin bombardment, in fact, girls do not like this completely, meticulous care.
If a girl likes you, a gentle greeting is enough, if she doesn’t like you, you give her a universe, she has only one word in her heart – annoying.
Knowing why you care about girls, is she getting cold with you?
She means, you don’t roll, I roll.

Do you always pay attention to the girl’s micro-blog, friends circle, the girl will occasionally say, lonely, empty, no one chasing ah, is she really no one chasing?
She just rubbed the male as transparent, you just surrounded a small satellite around her.
Still single brothers, wake up, the real goddess only one, that is your future daughter, a goddess you can really care for, should be meticulous.
The goddess in your mind at present may only be the black fungus in other people’s eyes, so you should keep calm and treat the goddess as a mortal. Don’t be anxious, hungry and thirsty, and don’t be submissive.

One of the main reasons for being reduced to a spare tire is that, at the time of the upgrade, it was too much of a nuisance to take the initiative, the comfort phase lasted too long, and the other party lost patience.
Warm tips, in fact, girls are sometimes more anxious than boys, you do not take the initiative, let her take the initiative. David has more than 10,000 female fans who complain to me more than once about why the boys aren’t taking the initiative at all, and I hint very clearly.
So, brother, don’t be a gun. When you shoot, you have to sell.
Well, still single brother, think about it.

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