5’1-5’8 is the perfect height.
All of the 509 boys asked in a study said the exact same.
Their reasons were that taller woman tend to be heavier, taller woman don’t wear heels much and women in heels is ‘a mans dream’, and taller women don’t tend to look good next to the male.

More than half of American children do not get genetic height. This means that the height trend of this generation of children is going downhill. Whether they can reach the “expected height” that the whole family has high expectations may only be achieved by a small number of children.
In the face of such a tragic reality, we have something to say:

Height can be managed by the day after tomorrow to break the genetic height, to achieve the desired height.
There are many reasons why more than half of American children are not as tall as their parents in the future. One of the reasons is that parents and children themselves neglect height and health problems.

At present, the social psychological level of ideal height for men and women is:
Male 179cm, female 168cm.
Do you know how long a child should grow every year in order to achieve the “expected height” that the whole nation is chasing?

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