The trends in graphic design are changing every year, new technologies have emerged, allowing graphic designers to explore the unavailable, modern emotions, and the pioneers introduce the world to a more bold and unique design.
And then pop up. Graphic design trends look no different in 2018, and graphic designers are beginning to redesign some of their old styles as recent trends develop. At the same time, some of the most
The popularity trend has found itself out of date. This is a glimpse of the popularity of graphic design trends in 2018.

1. Graphic design trends 2018: third dimensions

3D technology is not a new technology. However, this year’s 3D craze seems to have reached a fever pitch. 3D is the two most popular, still living and printing. Anyone who has seen Peter, a famous designer
Anyone who designs the box project of Peter Tarka will understand what I mean.

The award-winning design studio MVSM (Man Vs Machine) also uses 3D technology to create it, which they call the algorithm architecture, and at Apple’s request, they want to test the new iMac pro to be pushed.
How far is it.
In the same way, 3D is also being injected into the typesetting. If you hire a graphic designer and ask for a simple print logo design, they might suggest using 3D to make the design more dynamic and realistic.

2. Graphic design trends 2018: augmented reality

By 2018, the generation that has grown up on Xbox will bring elements that were previously seen only in games and movie effects. Augmented reality, or AR, is becoming an increasingly popular design for the industry.
The trend of growth — from logo to website design — is almost everywhere.

Two unique attributes of AR make it stand out: a potential 360-degree environment, Z-depth, which is Z-buffering’s versatility in organizing and interacting with Z-axis information. These two unique elements help AR eliminate
Many obstacles faced by users, such as rolling, switching tabs, waiting for page loading and providing seamless UI.

3. Graphic design trends 2018: will become greener

2018 is a vibrant year, with bright colors and bright themes swept aside by low-key color palettes. New, bright and bold designs are in fashion.
Shock and awe to attract the eye!

If you want to see trends on Instagram and Interest, they will know that 2018 is a colorful year and a very bright year. Fashion trends also follow a similar pattern.
The general affinity of crops to brighter colors is pointed out. Low key elegance, found himself a little bit unclear today.

4. Graphic design trends 2018: microspace

The mobile phone market is booming and most of us use handheld devices larger than traditional PC or laptop computers, smaller screens and different resolutions, and traditional signs have not been well responded to.
Although not a new concept in 2018, responsive identities were still the few choices before last year.
The new enterprise understood the importance of reaching potential customers on a wide variety of devices, so they hired graphic designers to create a platform that could be on the platform with clear instructions.
It is a sign on the handheld device to make a response.

5. Graphic design trends 2018: points and shooting

There is also a design element that will soon become popular this year, especially in web design, which is interactive mouse pointer. The simplest and easiest hardware in the computer has been improving.
The graph transcends another function and introduces new functions in the “sea day” of computers. Nowadays, with the touch screen occupying the central stage, the mouse function needs to be fundamentally improved, and the interactive mouse pointer will be
The mouse function is brought into the future.

6. Graphic design trends 2018: necessary narcissism

With the overcrowding of the digital space, the emergence and the difference have become the necessities of the designers, and digital marketing has turned the business of attracting potential customers into a “digital concern” competition.
. Recruiting graphic designers will come up with new templates and innovations to make the site as different as possible from the next one, while walking along the lines of UI and UX requirements. The loading of creative websites is a necessity
Products, websites are forced to show themselves in different and unique ways.
From a simple text feature such as “inhaling, exhaling”, Amazon is used, and users scroll down its Web site or application to a real colourful color and pattern, by some websites
It was loaded as their home page. Creative web loading is a design function, and as the site continues to decrease, most visitors’ attention continues to decrease, and this function is becoming more and more popular.

7. Graphic design trends 2018: negative number is a new positive number.

In the 90s Cola war, especially in the emerging markets of Asia, the image of stars is very important. On billboards and news pages, on TV screens – everywhere, images are written in words.
Today, when grabbing the eyeball is a completely different game, the list of brands fighting to attract attention is increasing every day, the text becomes very important, and the design strives to be on the product information.
More specific and transparent.

The design also strives to emulate in the light of the spotlight. Therefore, the negative spacing becomes very important, because the design is more concise and clearer, so as to avoid chaos. It also helps the audience to feel and feel faster.
The design can increase the chance of retention, so as to better recall. A good example is the logo of Nbc National Broadcasting Company.

 8. Graphic design trends 2018: double (no)

Do you remember the head of “real detective”? Matthew McConnel (Matthew McConaughey), Woody Harrison (Woody Harrelson) and others appeared in “monochrome” (the theme of the play is “performance”.
In the subject), overlap with their images?

Double exposure has existed for a period of time, a film that has been successfully used for promotion (“the eternal sunshine of the beautiful mind”) and the TV program (the game of power, “Sherlock”), as a graphic design.
The trend in the year of 2018, it has been adopted. Double exposure, double exposure, double exposure, double light, the entire series are used by photographers and designers as design elements.
9. Graphic design trends 2018: death wish

You carefully make a portrait of the studio, then scrape off the part of the picture and give it an incomplete, imperfect image. This may sound crazy, but failure, damage effect and color.
Color channel is the latest fashion of designers. Such designs have great impact, so they will attract eyeballs.

This is a very simple concept. in a sea of flawless faces, the tanned mole is on the upper lip. Guess what caused your attention? These elements can also be designed.

It brings striking effects, creating a nostalgic feeling in people’s illusions of imperfect age and low resolution.

10. Graphic design trends 2018: mystical business
In order to increase the depth of 2D images and introduce 3D elements, designers have begun to use lots of shadows. This technology is widely applied to display products online, especially in e-commerce websites. this

It also enables other elements to be included in the design to make them more dynamic.

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