As the saying goes, “be prepared for danger when you are in peace, thinking is prepared, ready to be patient, and dare to follow this rule”. Parents are sheltered in their schooldays, and the lack of self actuation in active learning is also reasonable. After graduation, when you enter the workplace the moment, is doomed to be in this no smoke battlefield constantly forward.
In the workplace, your work will no longer have a teacher whisper to give you instructions, not let you “roll over” to thank the leadership’s tolerance. This is full of invisible competition, you do not progress naturally have a new designer to replace you, you do not blame the boss’s ruthlessness, in the workplace is like this you chase me, can not create value, all your efforts are useless. If you want to go on better here, you need to keep working hard and find the right direction and skills.
Today, I would like to share my thoughts and skills. I hope some experience can help you. The views and ideas of this article only represent personal experience sharing. Please use your own circumstances for reference. By Universal design for learning methods

1. don’t put too much difficulty in it.

Many designers can also recognize their own shortcomings, always want to improve, but always think too much of the difficulties. For example, I feel that illustration is very important, but I always feel that I am not from the class, no art foundation, how can not learn, so I never started to take the first step.
As long as you start to work, the method is more difficult than anything else. Here are some tips on how to improve your illustration design skills, hoping to give you some ideas.
Illustrations are practiced out, we have no basis to start from copying photos, such as urban buildings, tourist scenery, character movements, etc., directly imitated. At first you may get caught up in the image of a photograph. With constant practice, you will master the ability to simplify graphics and to summarize the image of a photograph. At first, we can imitate some landscape photos, partial or panoramic can be tried. By Universal design for learning methods


After imitating the landscape photos to a certain extent, we can strengthen the illustration of characters. The same principle, we can start from the character photo extraction, such as running, yoga, swimming, gymnastics, dancing and so on, with the action of the character performance can let you have a certain grasp of the proportion of the human body, modeling foundation. By Universal design for learning methods

After you are proficient in rendering independent objects, you can consider scene fusion. Scenes are fused by many independent individuals. As long as you have mastered the rendering ability of each independent object, scene illustration is equivalent to a PS synthesis. You can start mapping from the real scene, such as a home scene, a sports competition, a class reunion and so on.

There are more techniques and directions for illustration, and you will gradually improve your skills as long as you start. You can also join some illustration interest groups and find a group of partners who are as eager to make progress as you are to make progress.
The above is the illustration for everyone to split the study of ideas, no matter what aspects of professional ability to enhance, do not set the difficulties too big at the outset, we must always believe that the method is more difficult than the beginning can always be progressive. By Universal design for learning methods

2. success is not decided by starting point.

Although the face of children’s education, we all hope not to lose in the starting line, but for many years, we have lost the starting line, do not complain about the unfair fate, the future end is not determined by the starting point. Many designers want to enter big factories, but they always suspect that their education is not high enough, schools are not famous schools, no big company background, professional ability is not strong enough, and so on, have been waiting for this dream to be erased in the bud.
Without a good starting point, I still go closer to my dream team. Ordinary College graduates, I know that one step in place is impossible, nearly graduated from the choice of college to continue to use their spare time to complete the academic upgrading. From entering a small company to trying to polish themselves, to become an experienced versatile, two years of experience in graphic design, e-commerce design, brand design, exhibition layout, printing production follow-up, design project management and promotion, etc., at that time what is not done on the initiative to find leadership I also appreciate the leadership’s trust and delegation of authority (it’s important to meet a good leader) for me to make a successful counterattack in this company from a small office white.
Later, from small companies into a number of slightly larger companies, and then to some foreign companies and listed companies. Just like playing games, the level is still one level one. While gaining practical work experience, I am well aware that professional competence is not only the promotion of work items, but also the study in many aspects in my spare time, which strengthens a lot of practice. For example, in order to improve the ability of brand design, I set myself to participate in more than 10 LOGO design contests every month, from constantly falling behind to be able to enter the finals, and then to win some competition bids, get not only recognition, but also growing self-motivation.
Through the small team to the growing team, work project experience and amateur professional training, step by step approach their goals. So, there is no goal that can not be achieved, as long as you develop a good habit and stick to it, the first level of strange, the goal will be closer and closer to you. By Universal design for learning methods

3., splitting goals gradually progressively.

Professional disabilities can be promoted through learning, and the passage of time is irreparable. Every designer has his or her own goal. If you find yourself losing momentum, you certainly don’t find a goal that makes you excited. For example, some designers will continue to produce works, hoping to get cool, UI China, and other recommended designers, but also want to get Dribbble invitation code, and so on, which is also a short-term goal of their own. You can also set yourself the goal of approaching a front-line Internet company. Don’t be afraid that you don’t have the strength right now. If you have a goal, you can always break it up and achieve it.

To find the target value of entering the factory, we need to enhance the ability value. For example, the lack of academic qualifications can also be solved, through continuing to study from college to undergraduate, is the need for time to complete, so you need to prepare early; professional enough, strengthen self-learning, their spare time for entertainment compressed, used to promote professional further education; industry background is not enough, you can from several people Small teams continue to enter more than a dozen, hundreds of medium-sized teams, from ordinary companies to listed companies, and then to the second and third-tier companies, is there any further distance from the front?
The goal of splitting is progressively progressively. Don’t expect a step in place. You need to practice meditation. Hot tofu needs to be eaten slowly. By Universal design for learning methods

4. how to make learning plan

When you want to work hard, also do not blindly study, miscellaneous but not refined is also difficult to have a very deep professional excellence. First of all, you should combine the current work situation analysis, for their own study plan to do an effective sorting.

First, skills directly related to work are given priority to learning, so that they can be verified directly after learning, and can be strengthened repeatedly in the later period, because long-term unused skills are easy to forget after learning.

Second, future trend skills are second, design is constantly updated iterations, such as before no UI design, but now very hot, we need to constantly absorb fresh blood for their future investment;

Third, don’t blindly follow the popular, choose a skill to upgrade, not just to see the calorific value, but also to consider after the completion of their professional assistance, if you can not learn after a long time in the project to try and strengthen, then this skill may soon be abandoned;

Fourth, the stage to enhance a single skill, learning can not blindly pursue more, miscellaneous but not refined can not play a major role in professional promotion, in the period of time, the main attack one, to achieve the degree of refinement, once improved, the design is interlinked, the track of success can be reused. By Universal design for learning methods

UI design to enhance examples:

Insist on experiencing more than two online products a week, do a good job of functional architecture combing and interactive form summary, such as the same banner design layout, different products have different forms, if you can summarize and comb them, then in the design process will have more forms. By experiencing the product to constantly develop product thinking and interactive form of memory, only the larger the brain stock, to reflect more inspiration.

Adhere to the daily collection of excellent design works, do a good job of detailed classification collection, inspiration collection will help improve your project design efficiency. A piece of work is not good, partly because it has not found a good inspiration. We should also analyze the excellent design works frequently, such as the analysis of color matching principles, what are the rules of their use of colors, whether there is a relationship between the space between the blanks and so on. By Universal design for learning methods

Stick to practice to improve your design execution, the truth is the first, or ultimately to come up with the real ability. It is best to complete the complete set of design works, which can be revision, conceptual design, company project reset and so on. It’s best to find a good partner to give you advice. As the saying goes, “The authorities are on the lookout.” Sometimes problems need to be discovered and pointed out before you can gain new insights.


Many designers will ask if there is any book recommendation, UI design-related books are also many, in fact, the difference is not very big, if you want to see to find their own purpose, is the weak software skills or design thinking, or theoretical concepts, targeted selection of some books to read. In many design platforms there are books recommended columns, which can be bought to look at, but reading can not be improved in a moment and a half, the need for long-term persistence, it is best not to read a short jumping design books, such as UI design class last week, interactive design class next week, so there may be no way out A knowledge system can be better absorbed and consolidated. By Universal design for learning methods

It is also very important to sort out and summarize a project, complete a project and be able to explain it clearly. Comb your own scattered ideas, through the language description of design instructions, try to describe the continuous professionalization of this description. It may be incomplete and vernacular at first, but after many experiences, combined with the theoretical knowledge you have learnt from reading, you will become more organized and refined, and you will be able to explain the matter clearly and clearly through a simple statement.

5. entry and promotion

1. software learning ideas and techniques

Software is a tool, just like the paper and pen in our hands, drawing well is not only the function of paper and pen, without methods, techniques and ideas, still can not create good works. But you need tools to create works, so learning software is the beginning of your entry into design. For many non-professional students in the face of software learning will be helpless, in fact, for the current Internet resources in software learning has become very simple, software operation skills are becoming more and more simple.
To move into design, the following basic software is essential, with these basic software skills, then consider other advanced software.
Adobe Photoshop (PS), this is the first software you need to learn, now on the market a lot of PS tutorials books, buy a case of actual combat can, preferably in the latest years. Generally follow the above case to do, the beginning of the basic chapters to learn one by one, proficient basic operation, the latter case can skip to do, different cases of the same tool operation, you can skip some repetitive exercises, quickly learn more tools to complete. By Universal design for learning methods

Adobe Illustrator (referred to as AI), AI software learning is also indispensable, this is a vector graphics design software, in vector illustration, icon design, LOGO graphics design, font design, typesetting and other aspects have great advantages, with PS software will greatly improve our efficiency. The learning method is the same as PS, so long as you learn PS software first, then this software will learn twice with half the effort.

Sketch, a lightweight, easy-to-use vector design tool, is also very popular in the UI design industry in recent years. However, due to the fact that it can only be run in the Mac computer, it is also limited. This is a very simple software, as long as you have the foundation of the first two software, this basic one or two weeks to start. If there is no Mac students want to learn, Win computer installation of dual systems can also learn to use, in this way to save the curve, the foundation is also good. By Universal design for learning methods

Actually, software learning is not difficult in itself, so long as it can be used more. The most difficult thing is to design creativity, ideas, methods and techniques, lay a good software foundation, there is more energy to be devoted to the design of research.

2. strengthen skills through practice.

Learn the basic software operation, need to strengthen the software skills through practice, need to constantly produce work, can strengthen the design ability. You may not be able to get started at first. Don’t rush through one practice to make too much progress. Professional excellence requires a little bit.
Start looking for feelings from copying.
Do not know how to start from copying, copying can let you in the waste of time wandering to start. Copying from the initial high imitation to the later slow transition for reference, not only can strengthen the software proficiency, but also learn some skills to deal with details. It should be noted that copying works is only used as an exercise, and can not be put into the works collection or published to some design platform to maintain respect for the original.

Draw lessons from it and do not learn from it too much.

Don’t always be in the copying stage, after the gradual transition to learn from the original style and details of the processing techniques, to complete the semi-original works. Do not draw on the style and layout of the design, so that is excessive reference. As a novice designer, it is also reasonable to seek progress through reference, as long as you clearly distinguish this degree, do not draw on the original characteristics of the elements, which will never escape the shadow of the original. By Universal design for learning methods

From scattered to complete sets of output

At first, try to do some work yourself, you can do some scattered exercises, but if it’s an interface design exercise, try to have two or more interactive logic. It’s okay to do a few scattered exercises in phased time, but don’t do it all the time. After that, you’ll have to complete a series of works slowly. From the series of works you can see that you control the overall situation, but also better help you improve the overall project thinking ability.

Don’t delay a piece of work too long.
Finishing a set of works is best controlled in about a month to complete, do not delay too long, if a few months or even half a year to complete, then the work before and after the design will have a certain disparity. After all, your design ability is growing, if the work six months ago and six months later is still at a level, then only to prove that you are regressive, need to reflect on it.
Make good use of the idea of “accumulate less and make more”
Finishing a project independently may feel like a tough task. You have to go to work, often overtime, and you’ll be procrastinating over time. We have to be good at using the idea of the accumulation of many, I had to complete a set of works, split into two interfaces a day, do a good job on the Dribbble and other platforms, after a week or two, to produce dozens of interfaces, the basic set of product design is intangibly completed. But if you can stick to one interface or two, you have to push yourself.
Practice is not three degrees of heat.

Self-motivation is usually triggered when you find yourself lacking, especially when you’re frustrated (e.g., an interview fails, a project fails, promotion is blocked, etc.). If you are only three points, and can not persevere, then it will still be futile. Only if you really like and stick to it, can you take practice as a habit, so that you can continue to achieve results.

Find an atmosphere
A person behind closed doors will only slowly make a happy thing boring, only to find a group of like-minded friends, we practice together, will be twice the result with half the effort. Join some weekly training organizations or organize a few friends to work together, we can monitor and examine each other, will find more problems between each other, constantly solve these problems, so as to achieve mutual promotion.

3. design thinking formation

As long as you’re not a particularly lazy person, it’s relatively easy to meet basic project needs by working hard. If you want to break through yourself constantly, you can’t just work at the technical level. The ability of design thinking is often the difficulty of deep design.
Developing a good design habit or work habit is not something you can do in a short time. You need to stick to it for a long time. Slowly it will become part of your life.
Insist on experiencing more than two products a week, comb out your experience of the product’s functions, interactive forms, excellent visual solutions, etc., this is a habit you need to develop long-term adherence. Seeing much, naturally left many images in mind, and never seen nature difficult to innovate. In addition to the experience you have to constantly analyze and summarize what the design principles are, what new experiences will be if you change a scene, and so on. So, sometimes a project is inspired by the touch of other industries, that is, when we experience competition in the future, do not blindly stare at the same industry, perhaps non-industry products may bring you different perceptions.
If you’re a good designer at combing and summarizing knowledge, you can stick to a “card” every day, which is through a card template to find more good ideas and ideas every day. By Universal design for learning methods

6. upgraded version of sharing

In the past, I often told you that we should always share, do not be self-admiring, here more refers to their own production of a set of works to be published on some design platforms, and more designers to communicate, get more advice and help.
So the upgrade we’re sharing today is a bit different from the previous one. When we’re trying to get a skill to the top of the heap, we’re trying to pass it on to other people. If you can get it through your guidance, you’re going to be much better at it. One floor.
We can try to produce some tutorials, and you’ll find more problems when you break up the work step by step. It may be easier to design your own design, but when you want to make your design clear, you will look up the information to supplement the professional deficiencies, try to describe your creative process more professional, invisibly you will get more knowledge precipitation. Sharing a tutorial or your creative ideas can not only help more people, but also be able to explore learning with everyone, is a matter of personal interest.
You can start with a few tutorials, start with the simplest functional implementation, and gradually deepen the creative thinking of writing complex works, and over time you will find yourself getting a deeper understanding of some ambiguous concepts. I hope to see your sharing as soon as possible, and we will help more new design partners in the new industry. By Universal design for learning methods


Any learning methods should be fine-tuned according to their own conditions, only in line with their own ability to be more helpful. The above sharing belongs to some personal experience in learning, I hope it will be helpful to all of you. I hope you can find your own direction as soon as possible, and properly open your own learning drive.

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