Designing a VUI? What Is a Voice User Interface (VUI)? What do you need to do before starting VUI design? Is it VUI designer jobs valuable? Can I need to take a VUI course before starting it?  May be most of the VUI beginner want to know about these information. And I need to show you these post and make you have a really impression of VUI design. So let’s take a look at it.

Before the designer really starts to invest in the VUI product design process, it is necessary to carefully interpret the overall planning and requirements of the product, to avoid the reciprocating pit in the design process, and to avoid the big difference between the final on-line effect and the expected effect.  As we all know that the VUI designer salary is very high in these few years. Why did the industry design such a high salary for VUI?  Because…

With the maturity of AI technology, more VUI design products are beginning to emerge. In the process of trying to inject AI elements into the product, intelligent voice function has become a more convenient entrance. More and more GUI designers are beginning to get in touch with the design requirements of VUI. A lot of VUI courses have appeared one after another, and major training institutions have also promoted VUI’s employment prospects and high salaries. VUI courses and VUI learning have become hot. Many college graduates also give up their majors and switch to VUI design.

However, in this design trend, before the designer really starts to invest in the VUI product design process, it is necessary to carefully interpret the overall planning and requirements of the product, to avoid the reciprocating pit in the design process, and to avoid the difference between the final on-line effect and the expected difference. So what are the VUI design principles? Is VUI design principles difficult to master?  Below I will explain in four parts:

1. Do you design a real VUI product or just a voice function? Or you just using a VUI design tools but not the

VUI design idea?

VUI is the abbreviation of Voice user Interface voice interaction, or dialogic interaction, which requires the design of logic, syntax, response content, and so on. The two sides of the dialogue are machines – users, the content of the dialogue depends on the AI voice system, weakens the two-dimensional interface, and strengthens the process of communicating through the language in the three-dimensional space.

At present, more and more voice products still rely on GUI interface to implement complex logic functions, voice only as an information input or short command entrance. Such a product can only be defined as a voice function rather than a conversational interaction object.

At present, there are almost all kinds of products in life that have voice search function entrance in search function. Can this function be defined as a dialogue type of interactive behavior?

The answer is obviously negative, because in this functional implementation logic, the core is “fast recognition”, identifying the content of the user, rapidly transforming into a text on a two-dimensional interface, and the corresponding feedback content is still displayed in the form of GUI.

Voice search function in APP

As a result, when designers receive a new voice product needs, they should first calm down, read the requirements document carefully, make clear the products they have designed, whether it is just a GUI product that carries the voice function, or is it really a AI based VUI product.

After all, there are differences between the two design ideas, confusing the attributes of the two characteristics, the design effect may be completely out of control. Understand here, you are initially qualified for an Interaction Designers

2. Scene, which is the basic principles for designing voice user interfaces.

VUI has its own unique advantages in the process of discerning the authenticity of product requirements. Human language system is very powerful, and dialogue interaction should be more smooth. However, due to the different processing and processing speed of the human brain to the auditory and visual signals, the speech dialogue is not suitable for complex, multithreaded logic tasks. Conversely, it is more easy to handle single thread and simple and quick tasks.

Whether the requirement scene in the target product needs the user to spend more attention, whether there is a process that needs users to judge, select and decide, is a prerequisite for identifying whether the current scene is really suitable for the voice scene.

For example, in a noisy environment, you can’t persuade any user to listen quietly to the product saying N options, and then let the user say his choice. When dealing with complex and urgent tasks, users can’t stand the process of waiting for a product to read to itself word for word after a number of small tasks.

The application of VUI has not yet reached a fully mature stage, narrowing or precise product use, finding the suitable interactive scene of the product, and realizing a better experience through VUI. In the current stage, the product can be called an excellent VUI product.

Otherwise, the abuse of conversational interaction without distinguishing scenes is essentially a process of voice for voice, and the user will not buy the product.  Seeing this, you may understand: Job Prospects for Voice User Interface Design, there is no such a bright future for the promotion of VUI courses, isn’t it?

3. Carrier form,  the Voice User Interface’s Voice output port.

At present, the intelligent speaker has become the carrier of most AI voice products, weakening the limitations of the interface, users can directly communicate with the speaker.

Why do most VUI products use speakers as carriers?

After all, any product can be an entry point for voice access to the Internet, and the speakers may be just a VUI transition product at this stage. Only, because the sound box itself is a voice output port, and its use environment is relatively limited, more conducive to the collection and recognition of voice information, these attributes are at the present stage to achieve the optimal design of the VUI conditions.


The upper picture is the little loudspeaker

The carrier of VUI product can be a sound box, it can be any kind of product. If the current product has no screen or carry the mobile phone as auxiliary, in the design process, it is necessary to design from the design idea of VUI and follow the design principle of voice interaction. When the product has a screen, or is still a mobile application, it needs to be reconsidered, whether it is designed for VUI products or an application with voice function.

4. Role positioning, most VUI Design online mentored courses will focus on this theme.

The product design needs to locate the role of the user, but in the design of the VUI, the role of AI needs to be located, which is a significant difference between the VUI and the GUI.

In the process of dialogue, the robot that users face needs to have its own identity, role and feature information, so as to match the reasonable grammatical logic according to its own role in the different dialogue process, and use the appropriate tone. This is a much more important workload than the GUI design. It is also an important content that can not be missing.

5. Technical barriers

At present, in the technical support of VUI, the logical judgment of the user’s voice is more important. There are many forms of language expression. Different grammatical and modal contents are different. In the process of realization, the influence of various grammatical components should be fully taken into account in the process of development.

A simple and rough way of exhaustion can solve most of the dialogue process carton problem, or most of the VUI products are at the stage of “how many artificial and how intelligent”. But when a product faces a single-threaded, multi-validation conversation, a single carton can cause a loss of previous results, which can be fatal.

On the other hand, different companies have different R&D capabilities for AI technology, and technical barriers are always an insurmountable gap. Therefore, the designer needs to clear the current status of technical support, and can achieve the results of the appearance, develop the advantages and avoid short, design the VUI products that meet the current technical realization.

VUI design is very different from GUI in design process and design idea for interactive design, but each stage of the design process is the accumulation of valuable experience, which is helpful to explore the VUI interactive design process which is really suitable for different products.

Hope this is the Basic principles for designing voice user interfaces, which can help beginners of VU design get a glimpse of VUI.



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