The designer’s right to speak is affected by certain circumstances, but the environmental impact is not decisive factor, especially in the Internet industry. Why do designers lose their right to speak in a certain environment?

1. Current problems

Has this experience been experienced in design work?

Scene 1

The boss asked me enthusiastically: “what are you going to do in the future? Do you think the design has developed?” ”

I: “… “.”

Scene 2

PM found you: “just developed that your plan can’t be done, it needs to be changed. This is changed into WeChat, and the rest you play at will.” Just to refute, you hesitated for three seconds and replied, “do you really want to make this change?” ”

“Yes, tomorrow morning, there’s nothing wrong with it. ”

You hesitated again for three seconds, and you worked overtime on the second day of the morning.

Scene 3

The sensitive sense of smell makes you smell a breath of demand, and your first response is “do you know how to design” and start an endless debate about aesthetics. Finally, with the “design to meet the needs” cut-off…

No matter what profession, losing the right to speak in the job is equivalent to losing freedom. The work that once loved becomes a tool to earn some money to support oneself. In the long run, we gradually lose the self-confidence and ideals that we should have. Especially for designers who yearn for freedom.

2. Why so

Why do designers lose their right to speak in a certain environment?

The voice of the designer is influenced by a certain environment, but the influence of the environment is not a decisive factor, especially in the Internet industry.

When you are in an environment where designers are becoming more and more vulnerable, you can try to consider the following questions from their own perspective.

1. is not enough for the value of a company

The value of the company is the core factor that determines your right to speak. The greater the value of the company, the greater the power of your voice.

Can’t or misunderstand the value of the design

I can’t understand the value of design, and think that there is no other post in the design industry. It seems that there is nothing else to do in addition to drawing the drawings. Or erroneous belief that design should decide everything. Companies should operate around design at any stage. Companies that do not value design are very low.

Can’t quantify the value of your company

We often emphasize self-worth in our work, but sometimes we neglect the relationship between personal value and enterprise value. – a letter to Alibaba designer.

The design in the Internet industry as a newly needed position must have an irreplaceable value. The designer itself can bring great value to the company through its own ability. In a certain scene, its value is indirect value, if it does not sum up. For a long time, it has not only submerged its value in the company, but also can not accumulate effective experience.

2. self lack of initiative

It is better to let what is changed instead of fighting for what is convenient.

Ming knew he was right, but for convenience, he gave up the bottom line. When this scene becomes law, it will be more and more difficult to change it again.

Lack of learning and indulge in the comfort zone of your own.

Comfort zone refers to the area that you feel comfortable in different scenes, and it makes people feel safe, without pressure, without sense of urgency, and people will be relaxed. Demand is the basic task of every designer. If we refuse to learn and do not absorb more knowledge in the field, the knowledge of the designer will be smaller and smaller in the long run, so that we can not think more comprehensively.

The lack of responsibility is the main thing.

He is not confident in his own ideas or plans, and dare not bear the consequences. Always provide multiple options for others to choose. First, give up the dominant power of the design plan, and then give up the decision of color and graphics.

3. self professional ability is not enough

When working for a long time, sometimes we tend to do some “bigger” achievements, but neglect the continuation of the design foundation. The professional basic ability can also immaterial or deprive you of the right to speak, the lack of professional ability will allow colleagues around you to lose trust in your professional field, and then the question will be more.

The above reasons can be summed up as the core element of the designer’s voice in the company, which can be summarized as a designer or design team that has the ability to bring greater value to the company through its ability.

3. How to do it

So how should the designer’s value be reflected? How to improve your own initiative? And how to constantly upgrade our design foundation capabilities?


1. embody the value of your company

How do you understand your design? What can design be used to do?

First of all, design can solve a series of problems, but it does not solve all problems.

Design is a systematic method to convey the goal reasonably, and the main value of the designer is how to solve the “reasonable communication”, then what is the reasonable transmission?

The accuracy of information transmission: design is to convey information in some form, the accurate transmission of ideas to the core of the design, when the information is not accurately conveyed, it also means losing the basic value of the design.

The user’s good sense: the accurate information transmission in a certain scene does not necessarily bring the user’s good feeling, for example, in the use of the interface, the user is frustrated with the “failure” operation, and if the meaning of “failure” is accurately conveyed, the user’s experience will be reduced.

How to quantify the value of your company

Thinking of the individual value of the designer from the point of view of the enterprise and increasing the value of the company also realized the value of the company. The value of the designer in the company is mainly embodied in two aspects:

Experience value: the core value of the designer in the enterprise is the experience value, including a fine and beautiful icon, one step simple and quick operation, and its final purpose is to improve the user experience. The promotion of experience is hard to quantify in a short time, but long-term accumulation is easy to be remembered by every user.

The promotion of experience under certain scenes means the enhancement of user’s goodwill and indirect promotion of business value. Especially in the Internet industry, experience value is particularly important. When every design is centered around the ultimate experience, your design will have an irreplaceable value in the company.

The promotion of experiential value is not the enhancement of the mouth or the promotion, but its positive improvement surrounds the rational process and result.

Does the user really have such a demand? – accurate goals
Can such design really solve the needs of users in this direction? A reasonable scheme
The resolution of user requirements will be reflected in some results, such as user feedback or corresponding data – results can be verified.
Will this experience enhance the long-term value of business value in line with company development?

Commercial value: in a certain scene, the design can also reach a certain commercial purpose, the color or size of a button, a set of guided processes, which can bring about a certain amount of data promotion in the short term. These values are relatively easy to be quantified in the short term, and some ued teams will develop KPI of their own business value.

Example: when iPhone3, the Apple design team maximized the presentation performance of iPhone at the time.
Example: by increasing the discount or discount figures, the number of headings is smaller, the click desire is increased, and the click rate is increased.
Example: one of the most popular short video products at the moment makes advertisements in the same form as content, allowing users to unwittingly see advertisements and remove the time for users to stay more time.
So in certain circumstances, the commercial value and experience value of design will be contradictory, both of which have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, in the environment of rapid development of Internet and competition for time, the experience value of design can hardly be effective in the short term. While the design of commercial value affects the experience, although it is easy to be effective in the short term, it will reduce the customer’s good sense and loyalty to a certain extent, and then affect the long-term commercial value.

The above can be summed up as: the design of a “reasonable transmission” design is your own value, and the design of “experience value and commercial value” is the value of your company.

2. how to improve your own initiative

Do well and control your professional field

First of all, control is not the problem of the field of the other people do not change, nor to pinch others to let him talk, when other people put forward no matter whether big or small, you can first think of the following two points:

Whether the design will affect the demand problem: design will involve multisectoral high density cooperation in the Internet industry. When the design affects the demand, or the demand affects the experience, a more perfect solution is needed to negotiate, the purpose must be to achieve a better communication to the user.

Judge whether the problem exists objectively: when others put forward some design questions, such as “I don’t feel beautiful,” we need to judge whether there are some objective problems that lead to his intuition. But because each person’s subjective judgment is inconsistent, especially color can not satisfy everyone’s aesthetic.

To some extent, designers need to focus on objective analysis to design and try to make decisions without subjective judgement. If there is an objective analysis in every detail of the design, there will be sufficient conditions to overthrow this statement when facing the question of “I feel not beautiful enough”.

Therefore, it is more responsible for users to give up the right and wrong way to face the problem, whether it is convenient or not.

How to jump out of the “comfortable area”

Comfort zone refers to the area that you feel comfortable in different scenes, and it makes people feel safe, without pressure, without sense of urgency, and people will be relaxed.

When you have been able to cope with the business needs more easily, you need more comprehensive thinking. It is necessary to jump out of the comfort zone and expand your cross border knowledge. Fear of unknown or new things is human nature, but growth itself is to break through fear. So how do designers jump out of the comfort zone?

Set goals, cross boundary exploration: we are not transboundary to cross boundaries. In a certain scenario, we learn to make a more comprehensive analysis of the nature of the problem in order to facilitate the more objective design of the design direction.

Jump out of the designer’s perspective and establish the overall thinking in the industry. In the process of work, there is a certain blind angle in every position of vision, and the same is the same for the designer. Generally speaking, when the Designer completes his business needs, his vision is easy to be one-sided. If you need a more comprehensive perspective to support your thinking, the only way out is to jump out of the designer’s own perspective – that is, to look at the problem, and to see the essence of the problem in an open field of vision.

Dare to assume, think, be a master

In the Internet industry, designers should have an independent position in the company, not just the needs design support of every business.

The core purpose of the design is to serve the user experience, and more accurately the user experience. Therefore, designers have the responsibility and obligation to treat every design, and in the company can better voice for users.
In promoting your design, try not to put all the solutions to the demand side, as far as possible through your own professional and own cross-border knowledge, combined with data, feedback and past experience to find a set of the best solutions, and explain the reasons.
Right and wrong are normal. When your judgment is wrong, you have to face up to your mistakes and dare to bear the consequences. To a certain extent, when we have the right to speak in one side, we must bear the result of the corresponding rights, which is the responsibility of the designer.
That is to say, responsibility and courage are the prerequisites for designers to be independent.

The initiative of improving oneself is:

In the face of details, keep awe;
To look at problems and broaden their horizons;
Take responsibility and take the responsibility.

3. insisting on the upgrading of the professional basis

New trends in acceptance and learning

The design industry under the Internet has been developing at a high speed. The design a few years ago seems to be very old. Designers should keep an eye on current design trends, rather than immerse themselves in design specifications three years ago.

An extreme pursuit of design details

The design trend has been changing, but the designers’ pursuit of details has not changed. Under different circumstances, the details of design are often reflected in different forms. Such as flattening as opposed to pseudo materialization, more details are transformed from the details of the material to the study of color, abstract modeling, etc., not to say that there is no detail in the flat visual language.


All in all, the designer’s right to speak will not be established instantaneously, and needs accumulation in his work. At the same time, more discourse power means more sense of responsibility. I hope that every designer can become a high value, dare to explore and bear the responsibility. Through their own little bit of design, let the company and the society become a little bit more beautiful and better.

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