You used to be a “good man,” for women as a number of “part-time job”, do not know why, is not part-time “boyfriend”.
Later, I changed my tactics and started winning many wars.
The key lies in the feeling of two people together.
Although I chased her, I gave her a feeling that she had never had before, that I gave her a sense of joy and comfort, that no one had ever given her.
That’s why women are attracted to me.
You should be nice to women. Never complain to a woman. A man who complains to a woman is a man who lacks self-confidence and shows that you are a failure.
I advocate being good to women, but I do not advocate being good to women unconditionally. That will only spoil women, so “good” also requires skill.
I also have no skills, only tease, make fun of, and then what happens is that the girl is not satisfied with their own pestering, and then with rewards, punishment to maintain her pestering me.

There are some ugly men who are born with a good sense of comfort. Take a good look. You can definitely meet such a man.
Loving and caring women is not contradictory to pressing and regulating women.
Let me use the dog as an example. If there are feminists who think this example may offend you, please forgive me.
If you buy a dog, and you’re a clean person, he’s free to urinate in the house, and he’s just come back from playing downstairs on the grass, and before he takes a bath, he’s going to drill into your bed.
What would you do?

People who have kept pets know that in the face of this situation, they can only be severely disciplined.
If it makes a mistake, shut it up, or starve it to a meal, or reprimand or even corporal punishment.
Conversely, if it does a good job, reward it with food and toys.
Over time, it becomes a well-used pet dog, knowing what to do and what not to do. This is the training. We must not spoil it because we like it.

There is no conflict between conditioning and love. You have to raise this pet dog just because you like it.
You have to hold it, kiss it, trim it from time to time, and let it get into your arms and be naughty all the time.
It often does some mischievous things that do not violate your principles, such as greedy eating, stealing the meat you just put on the table to enjoy, or mischievous, often messing up your just-made flowerpot and making a very innocent look; sometimes it likes to pretend to be a limp, deceive you to hold it, many dogs will do so.
If you see so many shortcomings, will you hate it or even teach it? At least I will not, but I love it more.
What I like is such a naughty puppy. I looked down at all its shortcomings, and held it in my arms, unwilling to let go.
Here I would like to remind you that the so-called “suppression” and “reconciliation” are forever only related to their own principles, and the other side’s shortcomings, “suppression” is not picking, not personal attacks, even if her advantages, you can “suppress” and maintain their “framework” in order to grasp the dominant power.
For women, there should be principles and rewards and punishments.
When I go out with a girl, if she breaks a date, I punish her by asking her to buy me a drink, sing a song to me, make a funny gesture to imitate, and so on.
If she does something that makes you very happy, such as having a good dinner, I’ll praise her: Super delicious, I’m the happiest man.

If you want her to cook tonight, I’ll compliment her on the way you cook: You look so charming, I’d like to review it.
Instead of saying, “honey, I’m exhausted.”
When the girl tried to use the beauty offensive and asked me to do something for her, I would say: Sister, give my father a smile, and I’ll help you.
Then she smiled, and I said, ugly, change for a good look.
No accident, she will attack me with her little fists.
When a girl smells beautiful, I will also “push and pull” for a while, her strengths as a weakness, stimulate her.

Many women would dump their nice and gentlemanly boyfriends for a bad boy type. Some girls are even drawn only to this type of personality. This fact is pretty bewildering, as a woman is innately predisposed to choose a man who can provide her a sense of security and who she can spend the rest of her life with. The Psychology of Attraction may provide some useful answers to this interesting development.

Opposites Attract

People want to be with someone who is different, someone who is the complete opposite of themselves. Nice girls are attracted to men who live with an intoxicating lifestyle because they also want to be a part of that edgier world. That is why a bookworm often gets attracted to a person who rides a Harley. Nice guys also tend to fall for strong-willed women. Such a situation creates a sense of excitement that you cannot feel if you are going out with the same-personality type as yours.

Harlequin High

Romance novels influence women like no other. After reading tons of Harlequin romance, there is a huge chance that you would want a man who has a signature swagger and stride with overflowing bravado. And why not? In most novels, these indifferent, powerful, bold, and mysterious men often become the dreamy, faithful, and loving partner that every woman dreams of.

Bad Guys are Risk Takers

Women love men who are risk-takers because, most often than not, risk-taking men are successful. They bring home the bacon and are therefore, good providers. According to anthropologists who are studying the evolutionary traits of people, men who are successful and risk takers often get most of the mating opportunities. Women’s primal instincts prefer men who have the best fighting skills, adventurous, and passionate.

Dark Triad Personality and the Mother’s Instincts

Naturally occurring bad boys are considered to have a dark triad of personality traits, which include three dominant traits: narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavelli. Based on these traits, bad boys exhibit common behavior like indifference, egotism, cynicism, manipulative and deceptive behavior, callousness, selfishness, thrill-seeking impulsiveness, lack of empathy, and superficial charms. The James Bond character is one example of an alpha male with dark triad traits. These traits are also often the character traits of male protagonists in romance novels.

According to research, men with dark triad personality traits know how to manipulate women, making them dangerous and interestingly, appealing to most women. Many psychologists believe that bad boys can activate the mother’s instincts, and as a result, women feel compassion and want to take care of these men with the hope changing their unappealing attitude for the better.

Forbidden Fruit

Bad boys are considered dangerous and forbidden, and these traits translate to thrills of excitement. It’s like Eve and her curiosity on the forbidden fruit all over again. Most women cannot resist the temptation nor stop the attraction to outlawed men, because, just like when Eve bit that forbidden fruit, many women want to know more than what they already did. It is the increased in status, the excitement of dating a wild and roguish guy. It may be a fault for some, but for women who love their bad boys, it is the dream of their lives.

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